Connecticut Rapper Rude Releases New Single “For Rich or For Poor” On Soundcloud

get rudePrince Vega – Connecticut’s own Rude is pursuing his steps as an independent artist starting his beginning steps to create his own record label. He recently published a new single titled “For Rich or for Poor” on Soundcloud that he urges everyone supports. A few weeks prior to the release of his new single the artist released a freestyle to the “Damage Is Done” beat that is also available on Soundcloud.


Rude is not a familiar face to our readers in Internet Hollywood, but that doesn’t change the fact that he may be a very huge dreamer who believes in his craft enough to do whatever he can to take it to the next level. During my very short conversation with Rude I chose to dig more into his past to get an idea of the rapper that I was dealing with.

His response:

“I’m an independent artist who just recently took the begining steps on starting my own independent label,” he said. “I’ve been writing music since I was in middle school, but really started getting confident in my music and started promoting myself about 2 -3 years ago. A lot of people know me from being a Barber by cutting hair at barber shops like its a G Thang, Nu style and The Red Carpet. Being born and raised in Hartford, I know alot of people but not alot of people know me for my music. I’ve put out 2 mixtapes and have a few videos on youtube. Unfornutate to say, the rate of which my music has come out has been inconsistent. As I remain humble and getting ready to introduce my brand to the world I plan on dropping a whole new line up of music, a few industry remixes yes, but the main focus is dropping original music.”

He continued:

“My original music i own the rights to…so my limit of opportunity on promoting these records are endless. My new single will be available for download on Soundcloud and so will my next couple follow ups. I feel like my supporters and fans deserve it. I will be shooting videos for them also. There’s a lot of talented videographers that i have my eye on that I would like to work with and reaching out for right now I’m in the works of working on an independent distribution deal where i can sell my music on tunes and stream thru Spotify, Pandora and etc.. My new single “For Rich or for Poor” produced by Trapp Beatz will be on my Soundcloud and Youtube on 6-23-16. I need everyone who supports me to listen share and download… thank you”

You can check out his newest single by clicking the highlighted link posted below. Show your support by listening, sharing and downloading. This is the first time Rude has been published in a article on Internet Hollywood.


Click Here To Listen to “For Rich or For Poor”

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