Connecticut Singer Bundy Foxx talks about singing, writing music, her new website, upcoming projects, and more!

Interviews/Musicians – Independent Connecticut singer Bundy Foxx has finally took the time out of her day to share some things with the Internet Hollywood universe after being invited to do an interview with Vaughka about her background, passion for music, upcoming projects, and more. The singer received the questions shortly after accepting and gave us all of the inside details on what she has going on and what you could expect. Enjoy reading the interview below!


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Internet Hollywood: Hey Bundy!! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. It’s always a pleasure to interview new faces for the very first time. You are someone I had in mind for quite sometime when it comes to doing interviews so I’m glad we were able to finally put something together for our readers to see. Could you fill our reader in on a little background story on yourself; who you are, where you from, and what you do?


Bundy: Thank you soooo much for reaching out and for your support! I appreciate that and I wish I would have done this interview sooner. A little about myself? My name is Bundy Foxx. I’m from Bridgeport, Connecticut, currently residing in Hartford, Connecticut and I’m a singing songwriter. I love to write and consider it my primary skill. However, I also happen to have the gift of song and I love to use that as well.


Internet Hollywood: Writing music has always been the main element that manifest the thought into reality but many people tend to have the voice of expression musically but don’t have the capability to write a song they feel will resonate with others. How did your journey as a musician begin how easy was it for you to develop the writing style you needed to create the perfect song and how did it sound when you first recorded it?


Bundy: Songwriting has always been in my family. My grandfather was a songwriter and a guitarist. My mother used to write raps under the name “Kandy”, and my father was always a very gifted writer. He wrote many poems, songs, articles and plays, some of which were published. I knew I had the same gift and love for songwriting when I couldn’t stay away from it. I used to use an old karaoke machine my father bought me. I would flip the blank tapes back and forth to create a layered track. When I received my first digital camera and desktop computer, I used those two things to create even better quality, multi-layer tracks. At the time, to my friends/family and I, those tracks were everything and it was thought to be incredible that I was able to do such things. Some time ago, I was able to go back to a few of those tracks and listen to them and I thought they were horrid. I was off key and the quality was the worst but I was able to see and eventually pursue the vision.


Internet Hollywood: You launched a pretty awesome website to support your awesome brand as well. Care to share what kind of services your offering on the website and everything else they will find out as soon as they check the website out?


Bundy: Yes! The website is! On that site, visitors will find everything they need to know about me including my bio, upcoming events and performance dates, a gallery of pictures of performances/memorable networking moments, a contact option (which I check every day). I also offer my songwriting services on my website, which I really encourage recording artists to utilize!


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the projects your currently working on and will we be seeing any music videos from any of the singles you’ll be releasing this year?


Bundy: I am currently enjoying the high of my single DYGMU hitting #24 on the iTunes charts in the Bahamas. I also just registered my production and writing company! I’m currently working on solidifying all the other legal logistics and gathering a roster, as I have some people in mind and one official member. In the interim, I am working on the completion of my first official promo visual and the taping of my first official music video! I sometimes release songs that I’m inspired to and that’s not always planned. However, I just recently released both “2AM in Park City” & “DYMGU” on my birthday (August 9th) and I don’t currently have a plan to release any more projects or singles this year.


Internet Hollywood: It is not news that R&B/Soul isn’t as appreciated as it should be when it comes to what’s in circulation in the mainstream world and the businesses changes has contributed some of the most legendary acts not releasing music for decades. The R&B we here nowadays seems a bit more polished and more pop than those soulful sounds we know of from a lot of talent many of us heard while growing up. How do you feel about the music changes that has been taken place? Do you feel it’s a bad thing? and do you feel being the authentic artist you want to be may be a bit challenging for people who are more into following what’s trendy now?


Bundy: I don’t feel any particular way about the changes in music and I most definitely don’t look at them as a negative thing, as I believe they are inevitable. And I believe everyone is faced with that challenge, not only those with an authentic sound. Anyone who’s been studying this industry knows you’re here this day and gone by the end of it. You have to be able to adapt to what’s trend. Although I don’t necessarily like following all the things that are trendy, I have the eerie ability to adapt to whatever environment I need to.


Internet Hollywood: Where does the roots that originated the name Bundy Foxx come from and what is the dream that started the hard work your doing to establish your brand, and do you plan on expanding to other things in the course of time?


Bundy: Okay, so I think this story is pretty cool, but I told it on News Channel 12 and they cut the scene LOL. So as for my name Bundy, which I was finishing up high school and going into college, I developed this obsession with the human mind. I wanted to know what made people tick and why they do what they do. I started researching a lot of serial killers, Ted Bundy in particular. He was who I researched the most. Around this time, I remember my brother saying to me something along the lines of “You kill every song you write.” My reply was something like “Yeah, call me Bundy!” (after Ted Bundy). I don’t know why or how but the name stuck! He began calling me that and so did everyone else around me once I started changing some of my social media names. I remember a guy coming up to me after one of my performances saying “Wow, when they said “Bundy” I thought some BIG dude was gonna come out here and rap a 16! That name sounds so harsh.” I normally don’t like people telling me what to do, but I agreed with him and eventually added “Foxx” to sort of feminize the name.  When it comes to inspiration, I used to love Destiny’s Child and particularly Beyoncé in DC. I always looked up to her, Lil Kim, Aaliyah and Mickey Mouse club alum including Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I’s say a combination of music being embedded in my family, me having the natural skill and watching/listening to those women I mentioned really help propel my hard work and desire to begin branding myself and my music. As far as branching out to other things within and outside of music, I have already started. I want to do it all.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Bundy!


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