Connecticut’s own DJ Stardust joins Vaughka’s Internet Hollywood Party & Promo Team!

IH News – The first DJ has joined the Internet Hollywood Party & Promo team and she’s from the state of Connecticut and goes by the name DJ Stardust. DJ Stardust became the very first member to be apart of the team after discussing the idea of the teams with Vaughka weeks before the recruiting week started where over 60 people were selected to be apart of it. The team was something both Stardust and Vaughka grew extremely excited about before putting the movement into full gear to help upcoming acts build on their goals and attend more safer and fun events that’s carefully put together by Vaughka and other members of his council. DJ Stardust has been very supportive to the idea of the group and felt it was something that was needed to create a better environment for talented people looking to build and attend great events that allows them to cross promote, connect with others, expand their fields, do different things and much more. All members will also have all of their latest news reported on DJ Stardust is also someone Vaughka plans on booking for a lot of Internet Hollywood events. Congratulations to the awesome DJ Stardust and welcome! It is more than an honor having you!


This news was first made public on our Instagram page @internethollywood




DJ Stardust: Instagram
Photographer: Christopher Padgett

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