Constantine Manos Has His Camera Locked & Locked For The Internet Hollywood Party On April 22nd

Coming Up – Constantine Manos is locked and loaded to take a bunch of pictures at the Internet Hollywood party in Worcester, Massachusetts. News about photographers attending the event have been spreading all over Internet Hollywood since last month and the names are finally being revealed.


Rhode Island photographer Constantine Manos is a name that continues to float around Internet Hollywood. You could find dozens of news stories with photos that he taken featured inside them. The photographer first caught our reporters attention in the beginning of March after discovering a huge amount of his content involving Internet Hollywood models.


Manos expressed great excitement to support Internet Hollywood and we appreciate him for that. That’s one of the reasons we deliver greatly detailed stories about photographers like him. We look forward to seeing him in action at the Internet Hollywood party.


The featured image in this article  was taken by Marianna Gizzareli.


The first Internet Hollywood party will be held at The Raven Club in Worcester, Massachusetts at 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on April 22nd.  Tickets will no longer be on sale after April 21st. (Click Here To Get Your Ticket)

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