Constantine Manos talks new photo shoot with Maribel Tavares, reveals upcoming trio-shoot with Isabel Vinson, Antonia Dufort and Rayanne

Photo Shoot – Rhode Island photographer Constantine Manos has been keeping his camera locked and loaded for a good reason this year. He has been doing back-to-back photo shoots with dozens of upcoming models in New England all this year and it doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon.


Manos success has also influenced the circulation of stories in Internet Hollywood. The photographer has made news on our front page eight times in this year alone. He is one of the fastest growing photographers, among publications, that has managed keep stories written on him at a daily basis. So after seeing one of his latest collaborations with a model name Maribel Tavares I got in touch with the photographer to get the inside scoop.


Taveres is a 22 year-old model from the state of Rhode Island that received her first publication on Internet Hollywood on July 14th. I wrote about the model after she collaborating with the Rhode Island photographer and Majora Images. When I asked Manos what was it like working with the model, here was his his response:


“Maribel contacted me to inquire about shooting. She was interested to further develop her modeling career and she said she specifically picked me because she loved my work. How could I say no?! Since we first made contact in late June, we’ve worked together twice with more to come! Maribel is just such a positive, upbeat person. Our most recent shoot was in the morning and Maribel got just 3 hours of sleep, but she was just as upbeat and right on time. Aside from her natural beauty and positive disposition, She’s clearly very responsible and most definitely ambitious.”
Tavares isn’t the only model Manos has been planning photo shoots with. He also revealed his upcoming projects with Antonia Dufort, Isabel Vinson and Rachel Horine (Rayanne).


“I’m starting to plan some ideas for the Fall. I will be putting together Autumn inspired concepts which I can use for the Fall issue of the Atomic Canary Magazine. (I’ll be shooting with our Featured Fall Canary soon, no hints yet!). I’m also hosting another body painting trio shoot in August. The last one went so we’ll be repeating it, once again featuring Isabel Vinson, Antonia Dufort and Rachel Horine.”


We will definitely be looking out for more of Manos work in the near future. I have scheduled a 10-question interview with the photographer and currently have one going on with Maribel Tavares. Both interviews will be release sometime this week!

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