Consultant Suggested 50 Cent Add A ‘White Woman’ To G-Unit Reality Show To Make It “Sellable”

50 CENT POWERPrince Vega – 50 cent is slapping TV consultant Andrew Jameson with a lawsuit after he improperly acted as his agent. According to NY Daily News, the consultant collected fees in advance of projects and damaged his reputation with big name networks. 50 cent lawyers claim Jameson sent “an inappropriate and highly offensive text to an officer of G-Unit,” which suggested they include a “young white girl” in the show to make it more sellable.

After 50 cen’t made E! Entertainment aware that he’d pulled the plug on the unscripted show, they made it clear that Jameson and a former attorney already agreed to the final terms and the deal was done, the lawsuit alleges. Mr. Jackson stuck to his word and refused to do the show which he claims “severely damaged” his relationship with E! and its parent company NBC Universal.

Jameson lawyer fired back “Andrew is the one owed money – several months of unpaid salary plus a percentage of future revenues – and he’s filed arbitration to collect it.”

50 Cent is seeking $810,000 in damages in his lawsuit.


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