Cosmetologist/Bridal Specialist Justine Frazier says she’s planning her wedding for 2019, discusses styling hair, learning how to do it, her salon, main focus, and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts Cosmetologist/ Bridal Specialist Justine Frazier has made my day with all the answers she gave me in a recent interview we did over the weekend. I invited her to redo an interview that was originally planned for the holidays but was postponed due to errors while migrating our website to our new host servers.


Frazier kindly opened up about her plans for 2018 and filled us in on a lot of other things that was pretty exciting as well. She discussed her wedding plans this year, styling hair, her main focus, and more. I hope you enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Justine Frazier~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Justine!? Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I definitely felt this interview is something that should have been happened a long while ago. I would like to personally apologize for not making that happening earlier. How has your 2018 been going?


Frazier: This year has been fantastic so far. I’ve been super busy prepping and planning for wedding season 2018 as well as starting to plan my own wedding for July 2019. As well as being maid of honor to my two best friends this year and finding out I’m about to be an aunty in the fall ass while maintaining my career, my relationship and being the stepmom to two amazing boys.

Internet Hollywood: You have been expressing your creative abilities on many special occasions and your schedule seems to only get busier and busier. How much time did you have to put into your career to reach the stage you are at now and what is the biggest lesson you learned?


Frazier: Is say the creation of who I am professionally has been in the works for at least 10 years. I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up so I just went to a local community college (Asnuntuck) and did about 4 years studying business, marketing, management, and psychology figuring something will stick all the while waitressing a zillion hours a week to maintain my independence with an apartment, car, my shoe addiction, etc. I graduated Asnuntuck with 2 Associate degrees and a few certifications, without any idea what to do next, I went to cosmetology school. I found my passion. I could be creative, business-minded, help people feel beautiful and enjoy doing what I do in an ever-changing industry that is so multifaceted that it’s virtually impossible to get bored and stagnant. I aimed high for my first salon and never stopped bugging them until they gave me a chance. It was my persistence and passion for the industry that aided in that decision. I’ve gone into work early, stayed late, worked all the extra unpaid functions and charity’s and never said no to anything over the past 6 and a half years at Salon Tres Chic ever since. Biggest lesson I’ve learned is that Hard work does pay off. It takes time and kicks your ass and hurts both physically and emotionally but if you’re working hard at something you truly love and believe in…the reward is so gratifying.

Internet Hollywood: When did the love for styling hair become something you wanted to make a career out of?


Frazier: My mom went to cosmetology school and decided it wasn’t for her…I fought the idea because I wasn’t sure enough of myself to know it was what I wanted to do for me or because she failed. College helped me find my confidence and trust in the world. Things present themselves when they’re supposed to…I was walking the school in NoHo a week after I graduated college with no direction for what’s next when something told me to pop in and get some information. It was all over after that.

Internet Hollywood: Styling hair in a creative way could be very time consuming and difficult to do for some. I met many people that keep their hair one way because they may not have the finances to buy the best products or the willpower to notice their potential to style it. Was learning how to style hair hard for you when you first started?


Frazier: I’ve always had long hair and have two younger sisters and had a bestie as a teen who would also rather practice braiding and paint our nails then experiment with drugs or boys or other distractions. I figured out a lot just goofing around and yes, of course, some styles are hard but that’s what practice is for. Everything difficult is a new challenge to me and I revel in the opportunity to conquer it! I have been my best test subject (for good and bad) and my siblings and friends and family have bravely volunteered their time and their hair for practicing as well.

Internet Hollywood: Did you start getting into makeup around the same time you started to style hair?


Frazier: I always have had an interest in makeup, even more so than hair. I’ve battled acne and problematic skin since I was 9 so makeup just became a way of life from a very early age.

Internet Hollywood: Is there a bigger vision in your mind when you imagine where you’re at now in your career?


Frazier: My next great venture will be getting more into mentoring and educating. I’m still figuring out to what extent that means. I love helping the girls at my salon and educating my clients and even have an in salon makeup class I’m teaching on 3/23 which is super exciting. Really I’m just enjoying the ride. I’ve met so many goals professionally and personally that I’ve promised myself that my 30s will be focused on traveling and seeing the world.

Internet Hollywood: How often do you find yourself wanting to give up, and what keeps you going when you reach those stages?


Frazier: I can honestly say I never feel like giving up. I’m a fighter and always have been. There are days I don’t want to get out of bed because it’s warm and cozy and I am getting all the kitty snuggles…..but then I remember that someone is expecting me to be there for them because a haircut is never just a haircut. That person may have just lost a family member and needs to talk about it or maybe they were diagnosed with cancer and are loosing their hair and I can remind them how beautiful they are inside and out and then show them some tricks to give them confidence again.

Internet Hollywood: Two more questions; What is your main focus now that we’ve entered a brand new year and are you working on anything currently?

Frazier: my main focus currently is Bridal Styling and eyelash extensions and really honing those skills and with my new engagement, I feel like I can relate on a whole new level! I will also be adding a new service to my arsenal within the next few months: body waxing! Anyone up for a Brazilian 😉


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the amazing interview, Frazier!


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