Cosmic Unicornz rocks Rhode Island with successful Gallery Z Providence fashion runway show

Internet Hollywood News – The independent modeling industry was rocked last weekend when a group of some of the best upcoming designers in New England threw a successful runway show in Providence, Rhode Island. The light at Gallery Z couldn’t of been brighter as young stars walked in Boston Girl Power brand “Cosmic Unicornz” incredible designs and made the night something to remember.


The list of artist that were featured in this amazing event included Melissa Thyden, Chrissy Bulakites, Judith Ferrera, Renee Caouette, Larissa Martino, Erin O’Leary Bates and Sabina Mollot. I happen to realize the more I dig into the details of this event I find myself wishing I was there. The energy following this event was so overwhelming that I kept seeing people talk about it on my social media page. Melissa Thyden of Cosmic Unicornz clearly did something right!


I don’t know enough details on what happened inside the event to really give you a clear picture of everything that happened, but the word online is this event was freaking awesome! Thyden gave me the inside scoop on all the people that were involved and also gave me great pictures by Andre Lambiase. She told me that the beautiful talent behind the makeup was Dazirae Reynhart and her assistant Cara Bella. How could I forget to mention that the beautiful crowns were by Richard Bradley from My Pink Planet. They all did one helluva a job to make their work standout if you ask me.


But those aren’t the only talented individuals that were involved with this event. The list of models included: Jordan Tofalo, Gabriela Aviva, Sara Thyden, Colleen McGovern, Isabella Capri, Kristian Rix, Katie Dye, Naida Black and Aleah Mara. You could pretty much find each one of them in the featured images in this story. Although many of them haven’t been published in Internet Hollywood before, model Isabel Capri received three publications this year so far. This is Cosmic Unicornz third time being mentioned in a Internet Hollywood story.


~*~*Photos by Andre Lambiase*~*~

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~*~*this story was written by Justin Hamlett a.k.a Prince Vega and edited by Melissa Thyden~*~

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