Cosplay model Nayroby goes beyond the mask; talks about her love for fashion and costumes as a child, wanting to open a cosplay store, her favorite character to dress up as and more!

Beyond The Lens – The cosplay world has entered Internet Hollywood once again! Independent Massachusetts Cosplay model Nayroby is getting her first publication in Internet Hollywood after finishing up her answers to some questions I had for her last week. I invited the model to do the interview earlier last week and prepared some questions as soon as she gave me the green light to send them. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Nayroby*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Nayroby? I would like to thank you for granted this short interview. I had a few questions in mind the moment I reached out to you. Your page is loaded with a collection of cosplay photos from the past. What was the inspiration behind your decision to pursue cosplay as a career?


Nayroby: Thank you. Honestly, I always loved fashion and costumes as a child. So I will sketch designs. So when I turned 22 or 23 I wanted to get back the feeling of happiness with something I loved to do. So I look towards drawing. One of my best friends took me to my first convention. Which is anime Boston that year so I remember going as Katarina that year. I fell in love with the whole idea of bringing something to life and inspire other people. Just seeing people reaction is my favorite part.


Internet Hollywood: People that get involved in cosplay have a really huge and artistic imagination. Many are creators that are working on cool projects of their own. I know a few that are working on their own comics and game themes Are you planning on doing something like that as well?


Nayroby: I personally want to open a store to cosplay and teach kids and have a workshop. Show people its more than just a hobby, its passion.


Internet Hollywood (Question 3): Who are some of your favorite characters to dress up as?


Nayroby: My favorite characters to cosplay are strong women who don’t take shit from no one. Plus I love assassins. My top favorite is Katarina she has always and will be my go to.


Photographer: Macros blazinfaze vilgrain

Internet Hollywood: What are you hoping to accomplish while doing cosplay and do you plan on branching off into other things in the future?


Nayroby: Honestly what I want to accomplish is bringing what I love to do and display art. I don’t think I will ever stop cosplaying. For the future no I don’t think I am gonna give up cosplay its something I enjoying doing and I want my future kids to enjoy it as well.


Internet Hollywood: What were some of your favorite shows to watch as a child that you would like to bring back in cosplay?


Nayroby: I will love to bring grown-up versions. Rocket power, kids next door or power puff girls. That will be awesome.


Internet Hollywood: Are you currently working on any projects?


Nayroby:  I am. I have few cosplays that should be finished by the end this year. Which I am excited to complete.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; What’s the meaning behind the name Nayroby and where did you get the name from?


Nayroby: My mother gave me My name. I never knew the meaning. Some people told me it has to do with river and stream. Being easy going. I love my name.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Nayroby!


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*The top photo was taken by Tiza photography

*The bottom photo was taken by Macros blazinfaze vilgrain

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