Could Model Modela Marina Turn Her Internet Hollywood Debut Into A Magazine Feature In July?

modela marina newPrince VegaModela Marina has been working our headlines for quite sometime and now she’s climbing the ladder to a much greater achievement – a magazine. Marina is a two-time Internet Hollywood headliner with a mind of an achiever who will do what she must to succeed. Her partnering up with our movement will improve the view on models establishing themselves with an unbreakable passion for it.


Marina’s physically prepared and well aware that her worth is big in the business world. She’s a very curious learner who earned her right to be called a Internet Hollywood model. That alone gives us a great deal to discuss with the model whenever we interview her in the future. I may have to think ahead and load up a few questions to unload on her when her time comes to be in the hot chair.


Since her return she has been gaining more of a following from our readers and that will lead her to an unstoppable path when the Top Model Charts returns in late July. If she continues to find her way to our front page more than twice within the next week her spot will remain shockingly unquestionable.


Before being recruited she was Internet Hollywood’s most wanted free agent. The model was offered to be a part of Internet Hollywood a little over a year ago. A previous Internet Hollywood article on Marina explained how she couldn’t because she was currently in a contract at that time.  Internet Hollywood’s next magazine is due to be released at the ending of this month! Will Marina become a feature in our July issue?


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