Could Models Natalie And Shaina Win Internet Hollywood Awards Back to Back For Connecticut?

 Natalie (left) Shaina (right)Prince Vega – Shaina is now getting her taste of the cake that’s making superstars grow bigger in our universe. No pun intended. We’ve recently got word that she will officially make her front page debut nearly 6 days after her friend Natalie made her superstar entrance. The ties between the two remains unknown personally, but professionally we can find the importance of the image they portray in dozens of excellent photo shoots they participate in. They are gorgeous, down to earth, and skilled females that focuses on the visuals that paints the story behind each photograph they share to the world. Could it be any better?


What makes a celebrity in Internet Hollywood is the belief that motivates you enough to create historic moments out of opportunities that are given to you. Within 5 days Natalie has already made front page news twice, solidifying her position as our newest unexplored diamond. The latest update from her comes from Facebook where she posted a motivational status highlighting her journey as a college student and a model.

“Degree + Modeling = Established Career, and if someone comes along who I can build with that’s great if not it’s still fine. Because “I bring me with me everywhere I go”

 natalie and shaina 2On the other hand, our newest brown eyed sweetheart Shaina, 5′ 8″, is also making the best out of her life in the world of social media. She recently posted an heartwarming motivational quote on her status for all eyes to see on her friend list.

“The butterfly is here, then gone, Its beauty quickly past; So keep each fleeting moment close & make each memory last.”

 I can assure you both of these models will make each memory of them last in Internet Hollywood. The beauty within these two represents more than just women with a cute face and a nice body. Their actions will reflect the influence they have on future models that need strong and positive role models like them to look up to. With that in mind, we can definitely see these two walking off with an Internet Hollywood award in theyear 216. The amazing photos in this article were took by a talented photographer by the name of Mark Murphy III.


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