Could Ohio Rapper Jet Swade Become Internet Hollywood’s Rap King In ‘The League Of Hip Hop?’

jet swadeThe League Of Hip Hop – Two matchups has been revealed and many are still speculating who will Prince Vega choose next to face off in the international tournament that’ll include 32 rappers from all over the world. Previous reports revealed Georgia rapper Jg Hitman will face off with Virginia’s Richakawitness in the second week of June. The announcements didn’t end there, recent reports revealed that New York rappers Jay Burn and Brave will also face off on June 21st as-well.


There are certain rumors that Jet Swade may take on an opponent that will give him a run for his money. Without digging too deep, we discovered his opponent could possibly be a rapper from New York by the name of Cityslicktalker. I’m not too sure what to think of that name…but we can’t judge his music by the sound of it. He could possibly end up being king of Internet Hollywood’s Iron Rap Throne if he’s as good as people say he is.


Jet Swade has been very supportive to the Internet Hollywood brand and we applaud him for being one of the brave ones selected to be apart of this exciting event that will be one of the most talked about tournaments on the Internet.

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