Courtney Beavers of Seven15 Photography shares one of his amazing ideas for a photo shoot, discusses photography, models he’d like to work with and more!

Beyond The Interviews – Courtney Beavers of Seven15 Photography is getting his fifth publication in Internet Hollywood after finishing his interview with us on Monday. I messaged all of my questions to the photographer the day before after a few minor delays due to our schedules. I was happy to finally be able to interview the photographer, I have been following since 2015. It definitely was nice to have a conversation with him again. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Courtney Beavers*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Courtney!? I always enjoy our little chats when we both have time to discuss a few things. I have been following your work for a while and I have confessed to being a fan before in the past. You have worked with a lot of people I knew and each shoot was flawless. I applaud your eye for creativity. How have things been? What are some of the things you are working on now?


Beavers: Things are pretty busy but good. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been a fan of yours also. I applaud all the work you do with the website and the radio show. And salute to you on the single. Keep making that good music. Right now I’m trying to put together a boudoir project with JWolf to help promote that side of my business.


Internet Hollywood: What does photography truly mean to you and how do you feel things has changed since the internet came? Do you feel photography is becoming the “it” thing now?


Beavers: In the beginning, I just wanted to be a badass photographer and create amazing images. I didn’t really have a story to tell and hadn’t really found my artistic voice. But over time I’ve made progress in finding both. I still have a lot to learn about my craft and discover about myself. So right now photography is the vehicle that’s taking me to next level as an artist and learning how to build a business. The internet was a pretty big part of the industry when I first got started but over the years I’ve seen the internet become the ultimate marketplace for both customers and photographers. Whether it’s consumers becoming better educated about products and services or it’s photographers being able to build their brand connect with clients the internet is an amazing tool. However, with the explosion of access and information, we are now in a space where it feels like everyone is a “photographer”. So with that comes the challenge of separating yourself as a professional versus just someone with a camera. But I guess that’s just a part of the job.


Internet Hollywood: Do you feel photoshop takes away from professional photographers or helps them in some way?


Beavers: It all depends on what you use photoshop to do. I use it photoshop on almost every image however I’ve evolved my mindset on how choose to use it. Compared to when I first began I retouched with a very heavy hand. Whereas now I try to make it seem as if I didn’t do any retouching at all especially for my client work. I want their images to look as natural as possible. I look at photoshop as just another tool in the toolbox.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some models that you would like to work with?


Beavers: Oh wow there’s so many. Here’s my short list Tiffany Nacke, Sam Cahill, Maribel Tavares, Brittany Bochart and I desperately need some male models especially someone with a background in dance. I have a concept that needs to be done LOL.


Internet Hollywood: Could you reveal an idea you had a photo shoot that you haven’t done yet?


Beavers: I have a few but one, in particular, come into to my mind almost daily. This piece is inspired by the song Woods by Bon Iver most people would recognize it because Kanye sampled it a while back, but the lyrics start off ” I’m up, in the woods, I’m down on my mind. I’m building a still to slow down the time” When I here this my mind begins to create this image of a dancer in the woods surrounded by early morning mist or smoke. He’s using this time and place to speak to nature with his movement this is church for him this is praise and worship this prayer this is crying out to the creator. This is the project that I want to do. I hope to also work with a videographer on this also to create a short clip to go along with the images.


Internet Hollywood: What was your very first camera that you bought and which camera is your favorite to use now?


Beavers: My first camera was a Nikon D70s that I bought used from Amazon. I used that camera for a very long time till I finally upgraded to a Nikon D7000. Right now I’ve got my eye on a D800. I used one earlier this year and wow I love that camera.


Internet Hollywood: What camera do you recommend for a person that is just starting out in photography?


Beavers: I’d recommend the Nikon D3300. To it’s perfect for first-timers. I would invest in a good lens to go with because the kit lens is kind of slow. But it’s a great camera to get your feet wet.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what is your main goal and where do you see yourself after you have accomplished it?


Beavers: I have three goals at the top of my list of many.
-Continue to build my business to where I’m consistently generating a minimum income of $35,000 annually
-Do one international trip every summer to work with other artists and expand my knowledge.
-Create pieces that inspire others

After accomplishing some of my goals I just want to be able to share my knowledge with whoever needs it.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview!




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Model: Taryn Tyler

Model: Casey Anne

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