Courtney Beavers of Seven15 Photography celebrates his 6-year wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife

Internet Hollywood News – Courtney Beavers of Seven15 Photography shared a beautiful moment on his Instagram page earlier this week when he published a beautiful picture of him and his adorable wife sharing a kiss for their 6-year wedding anniversary. The couple was dressed in their beautiful wedding clothes and captured the perfect shot. I just needed to share it.


So I got in touch with the  photographer and asked if I could write up a little story his 6-year anniversary and he said yes. I quickly made my way to Instagram and got my hands on what I call the jewel of the day. A nice and neat photo to add to a new story about a great person I know.


Seven15 Photography is a familiar name to a lot of Internet Hollywood sensations. He has collaborated with dozens of them over the years. This includes Internet Hollywood’s most published model Isabel Vinson. He is very respected and his excellent work speaks for itself. That same work is what also got him published in Internet Hollywood twice.


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