Cover Singer Doddle Oddle Announces Tour With Rusty Clanton, Releases New Cover Song!


Prince Vega – Doddle Oddle is back with an amazing cover to add to her musical collection. She released a new video to Rusty Clanton’s ‘How I Know’ on Youtube and added that she will also be going on tour with the band. You can check the tour dates out below!

OCT 14 – Chicago IL
OCT 15 – Columbus OH
OCT 16 – Akron OH
OCT 19 – Boston MA
OCT 21 – New York NY
OCT 23 – Richmond VA

(jon joins)

OCT 25 – Charlotte NC
OCT 26 – Charleston SC
OCT 28 – Jacksonville FL
OCT 29 – Atlanta GA
OCT 30 – Nashville TN

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