Creative Director/Stylist Miguel Carlos discuss his working with Bryan Alexis, rebranding, taking risks, projects and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts Creative Director/Stylist Miguel Carlos M. gave me the all the scoop on what’s going on in his career and what next moves he plans to take with his partner Bryan Alexis. I got in contact with the stylist in mid-June and asked if he would be interested in doing an interview and he kindly accepted the invitation and answered every question I had asked. I have been connected with him through Facebook for a while and I thought the timing was perfect to interview him. I’m happy to finally be able to share our discussion with all of our readers. I hope you enjoy reading the interview!!


~*Beyond The Lens*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Miguel?! I’m really excited to finally be able to send you a couple of questions that I’ve been working on. I also apologize for taking a while to get to this moment. I’m sure we both feel this was long overdue. Before we kick things off, could you fill our readers in on who you are, where you from, and what you do? No worries, I’m happy to finally be able to catch up!


Miguel: Hello readers I’m Miguel Carlos M. Creative Director/Stylist, I’m from Boston, Massachusetts and I create/style beautiful editorials alongside my partner Bryan Alexis.


Internet Hollywood: I remember you were telling me that you were working on rebranding as a duo with your partner Bryan. Care to elaborate on what kind of rebranding you will be doing and how things are changing from how they were before?


Miguel: Bryan and I work extremely well as a team, sometimes the universe puts these duos together and it’s like magic! Duality can be a strong quality to have if you know how to use it correctly and we’ve been able to do that. So we decided to capitalize on the magic we have as a duo.. his eye skews towards edgy/funky styles, while my eye is skews towards chic/elegant styles and we marry the two together. Since the beginning we’ve worked side by side, bouncing ideas off of each other and having input in both areas of creating concepts, as well as styling the wardrobe. Ultimately these are the reasons we decided to come together as a Styling and Creative Directing duo.. the goal is to become one of fashion’s golden duos such as Dolce and Gabbana.


Photographer: Vania Jamin Arroyo

Internet Hollywood: It is no way to hide around the fact that you are very artistic with your directing abilities. I have gone through your page and seen how incredible you are at work. What inspired you to want to take on the role of art director?


Miguel: Well I’ve always been a creative kid, I would put together little plays, make crazy recipes.. even create Power Ranger helmets from cardboard. There has always been a love for creativity, beauty and fashion inside of me. When I met Bryan I realized I could really pursue this career, he had such a drive and it inspired me to take a leap of faith.. to do what I’ve always loved to do. The truth is I love every creative aspect of putting together an art piece and I pay attention to every detail that I possibly can simply because I enjoy it. I thought if there was something I can spend countless hours on it would be creating art and that’s what inspired me to become an art director and now a stylist as well.


Internet Hollywood: How hard was it when you took on the directing role in styling and creating concepts that you felt would work perfectly in the past?


Miguel: One thing I’ve learned is that you have to be able to take risk, experiment and have a new voice in this industry to really make a mark. Every mistake that has been made, has been a stepping stone towards growth. Each past experience has helped polish mine and Bryan’s craft. Overall we’ve learned to prepare and to educate ourselves in these fields. We understand that while this is something we have fun doing, it’s still very much a profession and that you to be knowledgeable of the career you’re looking to achieve.


Internet Hollywood: How did you and your partner meet and come up with the idea of building the empire your working on now?


Miguel: Bryan and I have been working together from the start, we’ve been able to devise a plan and execute it. As time went on we began to work with a network of professional artists that encouraged us to keep on the path we were on. With each publication we received and the new challenge we faced, we became more confident in our talents and partnership. To put it simple, there’s something special about our team work and we want to showcase a powerful image of L.G.B.T.Q men of color working together to achieve success.


Internet Hollywood: What steps do you recommend a beginner take when trying to make the right move to get into styling?


Miguel: I recommend that you educate yourself on the people in the industry, also get out in the field to develop your craft and to network with other individuals pursuing similar careers. Lastly, I would say to always stay inspired, keep pushing yourself and evolve with the times.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what are some of the projects you are working on now and what goals are you hoping to accomplish before this year end?


Miguel: Without giving too much away I can say that Bryan and I are working on solidifying our relationships with higher-end brands and celebrity clientele. Our year-end goal is to have broadened our network for greater opportunities and future success.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Miguel!



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-Art Directors/Stylists: Miguel Carlos Martinez and Bryan Alexis-


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