CT artist BearFlow discuss people’s lack of appreciation for art, how her mood influence her drawings, her motivation and more

Beyond The Lens – One incredibly talented Connecticut artist has opened up about her creative life in one of the most interesting interviews I have ever done. BearFlow is the first artist in the field of drawing I have ever interviewed since the creation of InternetHollywood.com. I discovered her unique ability to create mind blowing images after she revealed to me that she was an artist during a conversation we had over Facebook. After seeing her work I became more interested in learning more about her as a person. She has a huge amount of drawings that displays such a unique style of art. I just needed to know more. I hope you enjoy our short interview. I definitely could say I did!


Internet Hollywood: What is it about art that makes you want to keep doing it?


BearFlow: Art is easily my #1 passion. Its how I explore and get to know the world around me. It gets me looking at things from different perspective.


Internet Hollywood: Many people spend millions of dollars on art all over the world. What is it about art, you think, that fascinates people to the point their spending a lot of money on it?


BearFlow: People are willing to spend so much of their money on art because it transports them to a new atmosphere and/or provides a portal to an emotion they crave. Similar to how you look forward to a new TV episode. Occasionally some spend the money on the art as they would stocks though for pure investment reasons, I feel like that happens with more prolific older artworks by those considered masters such as van Gogh and Jackson pollock.


Internet Hollywood: As the years go by, do you feel people appreciates art more or no?


BearFlow: I feel like the appreciation stays a consistent ratio tbh, but the markets and niches can change frequently. Some populations need the current style/genre/theme thats popular more. Or I should say it speaks to them more. Just as fashion has styles, art does too. I do feel that in the school system ( referring to elementary through HS) that a funding and appreciation for art has gone down.


Internet Hollywood: What will you think happen if the world stops appreciating art in the future? Do you feel us as a society is heading down that way?


BearFlow: besides looking visually thoughtless and barren, I feel like if the whole world stopped appreciating art, we would stop being human in some ways because a huge part of art is the urge to actualize something intangible in your head to the best of your ability. if we lose our thirst for that craftsmanship it will trickle into other aspects of life and other crafts of life. I am a firm believer that everyone has potential to be an artist, you just have to find your art. Maybe your art is singing, dancing, drawing or maybe its a little more “mundane” like cleaning, or folding clothes. But there are just as many magazines and tv shows about housekeeping or home improvement as other shows. Its just a different niche to be artistic and fine tune your skill.



Internet Hollywood: When I look into this specific drawing I get sucked into a world of creativity where dozens of worlds collide. What is the meaning behind this beautiful piece of art?


BearFlow: So this piece was amazing to make! I titled it “trip release” and the purpose and thought behind it was similar to zentangles and mandalas where you just let loose and do a meditative drawing. I let go of heavily revising and critiquing the work I was making, I just when with the flow. I banged this piece out quickly because i just went loose. Everything about it was just relaxing for me.


Internet Hollywood: Does the idea of the colors come before, whole, or after the drawing is complete?


BearFlow: The colors are the last part I do. I generally start with a sketch or thumbnail and then refine it to where it’s clean enough to ink. Occasionally I will draw the sketch lines with colored pencils versus a regular pencil for a different type of affect. I should add I use a lot of markers that’s why I need my sketches clean because the graphite will dirty the markers and paper.


Internet Hollywood: What normally goes through your mind when your trying to create a drawing that lasts for hours, and your just unsure how to finish it? Has that ever happened?


BearFlow: Ideally nothing should be going on in my mind outside of my piece. When I reach a frustration point I usually walk out of the room for a moment or longer depending on how frustrated I am. Sometimes I have to take a few days. Its all about looking at it with fresh eyes. sometime you cant see the solution because your too close to the situation.


Internet Hollywood: Which drawing of yours was the most challenging, and why?


BearFlow: Okay, the most challenging drawing I had is actually a drawing I don’t have a picture of. I did it in high school its an 18″x24″ graphite drawing of very dried delicate foliage. It wasn’t a particularly exciting piece and I couldn’t touch the set up I had going because if I touched it the leaves would break. I had to put all my mental effort in on that and everything I learned about drawing had to be applied. I was drawing every hole and crack on the leave, it was tedious but It was worth it though because my high school actually ended up buying it and now it hangs in the library from what i am told.


Internet Hollywood: What is the key source of motivation the makes you want to go to your room and draw beautiful pictures like you do?


BearFlow: Key sources of motivation would be just the feeling I get when I am completely immersed. I also feel I communicate best through expressions and imagery. at least a fair majority of my thought process works that way. The things I’m most motivated to explore and draw are people usually women, however I have rediscovered my fondness of scenery and want to incorporate that more into my work.


Internet Hollywood: When your angry do you draw dark-related images or it’s always up in the air what you may do?


BearFlow: My mood definitely impacts the artwork I produce. When I am angry and I draw i can feel so much of my tension and I just grip and push the pencil down further. My line quality will shift so much with anger and the topics I’m motivated to explore change as well, when I’m angry my art will shift sometimes to a more political tone. Sometimes I will channel my anger before hand with a run so I don’t get muscle cramps in my arms or rip through the paper. lol.


Internet Hollywood: Last Question; How does someone prevent their art from being stolen, what are some principals to keep in mind when claiming ownership of your art?


BearFlow: It’s hard to prevent your art from getting stolen if someone really wants to steal it they will. I personally know some artist that don’t allow photos of their work to be taken and they showcase their art completely offline. I try not to worry about my artwork being stolen because at the end of the day I’ll create more. I’m in it for the Long haul and pleasure, theyre just trying to make a cheap buck I can turn out art faster than they can mimic.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much Sarah!

BearFlow: You’re welcome, it was a pleasure to have these thoughtful questions!
This story is BearFlow’s first publication in Internet Hollywood!
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