CT Bass Guitarist & Model Alena Sapezhinskayte discuss learning how to play the bass guitar and the piano, her favorite heavy metal bands, live shows and more!

Beyond The Lens – Connecticut model & bass guitarist Alena Sapezhinskayte just recently wrapped up her interview with us over the weekend and I’m really excited to share the things we discussed with all of our readers. I got in touch with the model sometime over the weekend and sent a few questions for her to answer and she quickly got back to me. I have been following her for a few months and I felt the need to let others see what I have been noticing about her. She is very talented, passionate and also shy. lol.  So I knew this would be fun. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Alena*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Aleena! It’s a great pleasure talking to a multitalented person like yourself. You are very musical and possess a great skill that comes out in the form of sounds when your playing a guitar. I am a new fan of yours now, of course. You are also an independent model that has some great work on your social media. Which one was your first love and who/what motivated you to pursue them both as a career?


Sapezhinskayte: Hey, Justin! Thank you, it’s a great pleasure talking to you too and very exciting to answer your questions! My first love is music, of course! I’m from a very musical family. My parents are musicians and my sister plays piano and drums as well.According to all this, music has been a big part of my life since my early years. Modeling is what I️ like and enjoy doing, for me it’s an art too and of course I️ position myself as an artist.


Internet Hollywood: Is playing the bass guitar as hard as it looks? How long did it take you to learn how to play?


Sapezhinskayte: I️ studied at a music school in Russia for seven years and I’ve been playing piano for more than 25 years. That helped a lot to learn how to play bass guitar. Still trying to improve:)


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever messed up during a live show? If so what happened afterward?


Sapezhinskayte: Of course, I️ have. Even computers make mistakes, what to say about us, humans. But I’m trying my best not to, practice helps. But if this happens, just pretend that nothing wrong happened because some people don’t know how the song goes and the others would think that you’re improvising. Hahaha.

Internet Hollywood: Who are some of your favorite heavy metal bands to listen to and what era of rock is your favorite?


Sapezhinskayte: I️ love music and different styles of it. My favorite metal bands hmmmm too many to name them all. I️ like extreme metal with growling and screaming vocals, I️ like Russian heavy metal band Aria, Finnish metal bands, Swedish metal bands, also classic rock, heavy metal bands from the 80’s, Judas Priest, Metallica. Also I️ listen to cyber metal, dance metal from Russia Xe-None is pretty sick too! Crazy mix of riffing guitars and dance beats cos I️ love dancing too hahaha Also industrial metal, trance, dance music, Eurodance from the 90’s. See, I️ can talk about music for hours


Internet Hollywood: You have an amazing collection of photos from photoshoots you did with photographers. One of those photographers was Mark Johnson. He’s someone that worked with a couple models we featured on our website and they loved his work. I’m also a fan of his work. What is it about his work that makes you want to continue doing shoots with him?


Sapezhinskayte: I️ got lucky to work with Mark Johnson! He is great. Amazingly professional and very talented photographer! He knows what he’s doing and he makes you feel so comfortable during photoshoots! He can get any emotion from you that he needs for the picture in a matter of seconds! Or maybe cos I’m very emotional too hahaha And he makes you look very good in pictures which is important cos I’ve worked with many photographers before and not all of them make you look good in the pictures haha He’s very passionate about what he’s doing and you can feel it! I️ hope to shoot with him more! Another great photographer that I️ got a chance to work with is Joe Ward. He’s amazing and the pictures he takes are very vivid and bright! He’s been a photographer in radio, television, news, and now he is an interior design photographer. Now he’s trying to expand even further working with models. His live concerts photos are spectacular! We quickly found a common ground and I️ think you can see it in the pictures and enjoy the result of our collaboration! Another great Connecticut photographer is Jason Mannello, his live shows pictures bring you to the moment they were taken! And he also a big fan of metal music so he is a professional and definitely knows what he’s doing. And he’s a sponsor of many New England musicians’ social media profile pictures hahaha I’d like to work with him too


Internet Hollywood: Are there any other people that you would like to collaborate with?


Sapezhinskayte: I️ like new experiences and working with new people so I’m open for collaborations. Not only modeling but musically too I️ made a cover on my YouTube channel with a talented guitar player from Greece Ntinos Dean Papadimitriou and I️ liked working with him very much! So when are we gonna collaborate with you, Justin? Hip hop and metal is always a good idea you know.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things that you are working on now?


Sapezhinskayte: Right now I’m working on some music idea, can I️ keep a secret?:) And trying myself in another forms of arts! Sorry it’s a secret too haha


Internet Hollywood: Last question: What happens after you conquer that ultimate goal that you seek? Do you settle down or move on to other things?


Sapezhinskayte: Hmmmmm New goals of course! Development is life and self-development is very important, even a passive self-education is still a development! I️ don’t know how some people are always energized, what’s their healthy secret? But if I️ wanna spend all day in bed sometimes I️ try to listen to some audiobooks. For example, lately, I’ve been listening to Sigmund Freud’s “Three essays on the theory of sexuality”, very informative. I’ve read his works when I️ studied at a university getting my two degrees in psychology in Russia. So new goals, self-development and being in harmony with yourself is the key!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Alena. I look forward to chatting with you more in the future.




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Mark Johnson Photography: Facebook – Instagram 

Live Photo: Greg Ackison


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