CT Memories: Rap artist Mo Budda ‘Rings The Alarm’ in her music video and goes off in her lyrics

Musicians / Throwback – The music memories of the past in Connecticut’s music scene is a lot more incredible than you actually think. Each artist brought their own to the table and had a point where they heated up regions in surrounding areas and we were lucky to be some of the people to witness all these amazing moments and use our platform to share it. Mo Budda was one of those talented artists with the skill to put together lyrics that match her perfect sound she harmonizes in each melody of a track. This song dates back to 2011 and was a song I write about when it was released in the golden era of Internet Hollywood when it was named something else (Mayhem MusiKk). Check it out and follow her to get the latest on what she has going on!

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Mo Budda: Website – Facebook – Instagram

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