CT Model Bethany McMahon teams up with Daniel E. Photography and slays their new photo shoot!

Photo Shoots – Daniel E Photography has been putting his camera to work and Connecticut model Bethany McMahon has been on the receiving end of each of latest shots. The model recently teamed up with the photographer a little earlier this month and shared some of the pictures from their shoot a couple days ago. I found out about the photo shoot after seeing photos from the new shoot circulating across my news feed on Facebook.


After finding out I got in touch with McMahon and asked her if she would be interested in me writing about the story. After the model got the green light from Daniel she got back in touch with me then I quickly got to work on the story.


McMahon has been receiving a huge amount of success in Internet Hollywood this year. She has been published on Internet Hollywood five times this year and was also featured in the second issue of Internet Hollywood Magazine that was released in February. So it only made sense to put thoughts into writing another story.


I only came across a few photos and I added each one of them to this story for you all to see. I’m looking forward to seeing more collaborations between these two. The talent between these two created a piece of art that could I could easily imagine being redone. So I hope they collaborate again in the future. I welcome their uniqueness and I will continue to write stories on them in the future.


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Bethany McMahon: Instagram – Facebook

Daniel E. Photography: Instagram

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