CT Model Brysten Bug talks upcoming glitter shoot with MCM Photography, the origin of her name, possibly returning to music, her dream shoot and more!

Beyond The Lens –  Connecticut model Brysten Bug has been showing Internet Hollywood a lot of love so I vowed to keep track of the models latest accomplishments to show our support back. Her recent work has earned her three stories this month and have pushed her features to five stories in total. With her being the face of MCM Photography, its easy to predict that she will be featured a lot more in the future.


I made sure I got the inside scoop to give you all an idea of how Brysten is as a person that has took on the career path as a model. We talked about the beginning stages of her career, her recent photo shoot with MCM Photography, her dream photo shoot and more. Enjoy the interview!



~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Brysten Bug*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Brysten! You have been on fire in Internet Hollywood all week. So far there have been two stories published about you this month. This story will make it five features in total. What has been keeping you so active in photo shoots? Who takes the credit for motivating you?


Bug: Thank you for all those features, by the way! To me, modeling is safe space and a home. I wouldn’t necessarily say a specific person or thing keeps me motivated to keep shooting, it’s just the fact that I absolutely adore what I do. Like, the satisfaction I feel when I see a good shot is immeasurable. I wouldn’t even say life motivates me to shoot, it’s more accurate to say shooting motivates me to live.


Internet Hollywood: What made you decide to use the name Brysten Bug?


Bug: THIS IS MY FAVORITE QUESTION! I love this one. Most people who know me outside of modeling know me as Haley, which is often perceived to be my “real” name, but Brysten is just as real as Haley is. Brysten is my middle name, which was made up by my parents (their aim was to “honor but not copy” my Godmother named Kristen). “Bug” comes from my last name, which means “fly” when translated to English. My first tattoo was actually a fly on my wrist! but I decided on a synonym (which is where i got “Bug”) for my stage name name, since “Brysten Fly” doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it!


~~Photo by MCM Photography~~

Internet Hollywood: You recently did a photo shoot with Isabel Vinson and Melissa of MCM Photography. She revealed that the photo shoot was done on the side of the road. Who’s idea was it?


Bug: The idea for the location was Isabel’s! She was like “oh, there’s this awesome waterfall near my house” and we drove for like five minutes, pulled over on the side of the main road, and suddenly we were at this literally magical waterfall. it was insane. like God was NOT sleeping when he made Vermont.


Internet Hollywood: You have such a chill personality and seem to get along with most people that know you. Who was your biggest influence in becoming the person you are today?


Bug: That’s so hard because there are so many beautiful humans that I draw influence and inspiration from. I gotta say in terms of personality, my best friend and downstairs neighbor has really helped me come out of my shell and hold my own as a powerful, confident woman by being one herself and inspiring me to see those beautiful traits I see in her in myself. I’m actually kinda bummed because she’s moving out of state in a week but she has helped me through breakups and depressive spells and is basically the entire reason I have a social life in Hartford. DD, if you’re reading this, you already know you’re my sister and my hero. Thank you girlie!


Internet Hollywood: What is your dream photoshoot?


Bug: -I want to model for Tyler, the Creator’s GOLF fashion line so badly it’s ridiculous. The day I model for the GOLF line is the day I quit modeling out of sheer satisfaction.

Internet Hollywood: Are you also planning on trying other things besides modeling?


Bug: I used to sing semi-professionally in a chorus before this, maybe life will bring me back down the music path, but I’m certainly not placing any bets on it. I play ukulele for fun but I’m awful at it. So realistically, I’ll probably just keep being a face instead of a voice.


Internet Hollywood: What are some projects you got in store for the future?


Bug: I’m doing my glitter shoot with Melissa soon and I’m literally so excited I might cry. That series is so stunning and I couldn’t be more honored and more pumped to be included in it.


Internet Hollywood: Last Question: if things don’t work out as planned where do you see yourself being after the storm settles?


Bug: Before modeling, my “realistic” dream (modeling was my unrealistic dream) was to become a pre school teacher for kids with special needs. If for some reason I decide I don’t want to model anymore, or if something happens that makes it so I can’t (god forbid, i’ve finally found something that works for me!), I plan on focusing my energy into that.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much Brysten!


And there you have it. It is always a pleasure talking with Brysten. I last seen her at the Internet Hollywood party back in August. She also participated in the models fashion runway casting call we had. The fashion runway show is scheduled to take place in early December!


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