CT Model Evie Cherie Louise talks about being cast in a movie, what celebrities will be in it, her 2020 goals, and more

Interviews Freelance Connecticut model Evie Cherie Louise has been doing her thing for a while now and as time flies by she continues to push herself as much as she can to overcome the barriers that holds her back from fulfilling the key goals that will define her dreams in the beginning. It’s been a little while since we last spoke so I wanted to bring some light to the talented model and get the scoop on her latest updates to share with you all. This is our fourth interview together and it’s always been a pleasure. Check it out!!


~*~*Interview /w Evie C. Louise*~*~


Internet Hollywood News: What’s up Evie?! It seems like it’s been forever since we talk and so much has been happening since we last spoke and I’m happy to finally cut through length of time to finally finish the interview we started last month. You are one of the very few models that have four interviews with us! So moving on, how has bringing in the new year been working out as far as building on the goals you already had in place and has any new ones been added along the way?


Evie: Well as for modeling goals,Things have gotten bigger. As I’ve mentioned I will be in a movie by Clark Tesha and Matthew Clark, it’s called the legend of Johnny Jones. I modeled for an amazing novelty company BLUSH. I was on their vendor booth banner and on the site! 😈. It’s always fun meeting new people!


Internet Hollywood News: You recently been stepping your toes into some filming projects and revealed some pretty awesome news to me about that. Care to share what’s been going on in your life as an actress and what the great news were?


Evie: Honestly, A lot of studying! There’s a huge thought process when you’re coming up with different tones, facial expressions along with pairing your lines there’s always that feeling like “no, that’s not the one” or “let me try it this way.” I’m super nervous but excited to work with Jeanne Claude vandamme, Tom Arnold, Kevin Sorbo, and Nicholas Cage during this film. I’m just a tiny little lady, what am I doing here?! Haha.


Internet Hollywood News: You have been keeping yourself extremely active in the world of social media by keeping your followers entertained with dozens of photos from photo shoots, behind the scenes footage, and more. It really brings out the diversity in everything you do and how focused you are when you do it. What are some more things that could expect when tuning into your page in the future and how do you go about deciding what kind of things your going to put on your page? And to add on; do you feel it’s important the other models do the same?


Evie: I try to keep up with social media and post some model-y things but all in all I try to just keep being me. I’ll do a stretch/yoga video or cooking, or just doing something to show my face and see how everyone is. Don’t get me wrong, I love modeling but sometimes the “glam” isn’t needed. Just posting your life is awesome. Sexy is fun but it’s so important in this industry to remember who you are, where you came from, and who stuck their hand out for you. That humble-ness is what people want to see. I absolutely do think it is important to do as a model but as I’ve said;don’t get tangled in the glam.


Internet Hollywood News: You’ve shown your abilities to do many things and have progressed so much since you first started and have years of experience now. Could you remind our readers of all of the services you are offering and how much you are charging for it?


Evie: I am a professional model freelance and with 3 agencies. I am a certified makeup artist 6ish years now. I do teach pole dance (currently not at this time).


Internet Hollywood News: I remember in our last interview we discussed goals you were hoping to fulfill and you responded “more creative/imaginative shoot concepts.” I don’t think anyone could deny that since then you’ve been very creative with the photographers you collaborated with then. Do you feel that cup is finally filled or do you feel there is an empty side that you must feel to reach a much greater achievement in any of the fields your apart of?


Evie: It’s slowly getting fulfilled. The craziness going on kind of brings it down. But it hasn’t stopped me from shooting at home. But yeah, my cup is almost full 🤗.


Internet Hollywood News: Is there anything else you would like to let everyone know about what’s going on in the Evie C. Louise journey and what’s the best way to reach you if anyone would like to use your services?


Evie: I’m honestly just focusing on my career as a model/certified mua, my relationship, and my health. The best way to contact me is email, Instagram, and messenger.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Evie!!



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