CT model Finn discuss the downfalls to modeling, dancing being her second option, collabing with Marianne Bell, wanting to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Connecticut model Finn gave me a dose of realness in our recent interview together. I got in touch with the model over messenger last week and told her I was interested in doing an interview with her for InternetHollywood.com and she gladly welcomed it. I quickly wrote up a total of eight question then sent to her as soon as I could. I got all the answers back in the next day, my birthday. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Finn*~*~



Internet Hollywood: What’s up Finn!? Welcome to Internet Hollywood. It definitely has been a fun journey learning about people we haven’t written about before on our website. I have seen your work and I could honestly say that I’m a new fan. You have a very nice collection of photos. Where did your modeling journey begin and who influenced you?


Finn: Well I’ve always been a very high energetic person. Artistic, creative and I’ve been watching American’s Next Top Model since I was a kid so that gave me the inspiration to pursue a career in modeling. I tried out for “Audition American.” It was a fun experience. It was a competition for modeling, talent, etc. you win a 1-Year contract with them and I achieved that. Not to mention I was hand selected to train the models with their walk and be more confident. All at just 15!


Internet Hollywood: Was there anyone that tried to prevent you from modeling because they didn’t agree with you doing it?


Finn: I wouldn’t say anyone prevented me but I don’t really get the support from the people around me. Whether it was family or friends. I know they complimented me and my work but I feel a lot of people were confused with what I was trying to do and misunderstood me.


Internet Hollywood: What style of shooting comforts you the most and are there any photographers that you would like to do those kinds of photo shoots with?


Finn: I be myself in photos. I don’t try to look extra. I mean maybe a little bit only in the most artistic strange ways. I want to be unique and I know I’ll get there soon enough if I keep up the hard work and never lose focus.


Internet Hollywood: Many people don’t know that being an independent model isn’t as easy it seems and requires a lot from the person involved in the field. What would you say is some of the downsides to being a model in the independent realm?


Finn: Being a model is hard. Where to put your hands, how to pose, the look, where to look, the list goes on. All it takes is some practice of course. Make faces in the mirror, practice your walk and feel the empowerment of confidence it will bring you. However, there are a few downsides. Your size, but mainly for me its height. I’m only 5’3 and in the industry it can be tough to progress. Hasn’t stopped me yet.


Internet Hollywood: You did a pretty awesome photo shoot with Marianne Bell (Mare Bell) last month. I think one of the coolest ideas was the boat you had floating across the water with you. How did that idea come about and who reached out to who first to do the shoot?


Finn: That shoot was so much fun! The octopuses were slimy, water wasn’t that cold. My co-model Heather Hansen was really fun to work with. We all carpooled up to Rhode Island for that shoot. Was Mare’s concept that I was just delighted to be a part of. The idea was us being Sirens luring in men like the old tales. First time ever using fake blood but it was messy and fun. Got me into the Halloween Spirit.

Photographer: Marianne Bell

Internet Hollywood: Is there anything you do other than modeling that you feel is just as important?


Finn: I love modeling so I would defiantly say it’s my primary focus but if I had to choose a secondary that is just as important to me would be dancing. I love it. Use to as a kid and was in Break Dancing club in high school but like I said earlier, I haven’t had much support with anything growing up. Back in may I started to hang out with some old friends and some new that really inspired me to get back into it and I’ve been working really hard to get to where I want to be with that.


Internet Hollywood: Many upcoming models tend to lend a hand to girls they know that want to model by connecting them to photographers, designers, etc. Is that something you have done or want to do in the future?


Finn: Of course! I promote as well. Helping out my friends as models, dancers and photographers. Tagging and hashtagging are important as well in the marketing industry. We’re all trying to make it here we want to be. I do more helping and supporting in this community rather than competing.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; What is your main goal and what happens in the next chapter after you fulfil?


Finn: Main goal is to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine! Hands down. I want to not only be seen as a model, dancer, etc. I want to be seen as an artist that wants to spread her work all over this crude canvas of a world. Bring some life, color, energy, vibrancy and everything in between. To be kind and simple with everything. I can make it happen. I learned to walk didn’t I? Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and my mumbo jumbo. c: hehe.


Internet Hollywood: You’re welcome. Thank you so much for the interview.


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Finn: Instagram

Photographer: Saxon Mills Photography – Instagram

Marianne Bell: Instagram (personal) –  Instagram (photography)


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