CT Model Grace cools off in her photoshoot with Photographer Manny Rude of Cantera Image

Photoshoots – Independent Connecticut model Grace took on the heat of the summer with Manny Rude of Cantera image and if you happened to missed just how she cooled down I just happen to have a couple of photos Cantera Image sent from the photo shoot. Now, this photo shoot didn’t just happen, but it wasn’t too long ago before I learned about the photo shoot, so now that I could write about it, I thought it would be really cool to share the photos with you.


After receiving the photos through messenger I asked Cantera Image for the behind the scenes scoop on the shoot to learn about how it all came together. Manny schooled me on his ideas and plans at that moment and said he wanted to do two different types of shoots so he combined them.


“I basically combined 2 types of shoots i wanted to do in one. I wanted to do a rainbow pixel panty shoot. So we arranged with Kat Roux, my makeup artist, to do her makeup to be colorful and used the yellow backdrop. Then we went outside and did a wet looking shoot with the hose, so she did some poses holding the hose and some getting sprayed.” – Manny Rude


I received a total of seven photos and a new model to follow after receiving Gracie’s link from Manny to send a message. I let the model know that I was interested in writing a story and she seemed excited to hear about t. I had the great pleasure in writing about this photo shoot and I look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.


Kat Roux is a very talented independent makeup artist from the state of Connecticut. You could check out all of their work by clicking the highlighted links below!



Cantera Image (Photographer): Instagram

Gracie: Instagram

Kate Roux: Instagram



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