CT Model Hayley Grant was chosen to walk in Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show in Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st!

Independent Connecticut Hayley Grant has officially been chosen to participate in Internet Hollywood’s fashion show that will be taken place in Massachusetts in May. Grant put on one helluva show for our crowd in Manchester, CT back in August when she wore a beautiful dress to our very first casting call. She looked so beautiful in the dress that people asked for her to walk again and spin around during her audition. That was definitely one of the most memorable moments of the party.


Grant’s positive energy to the crowd inspired part of the decision that was made to add her to the fashion show. She was one out of fifteen models that were chosen this week and one of the very few that was given the news personally through messenger. A couple of them will also receive the news in news stories as a surprise. There is nothing like dropping bombshells news at an unexpected time!


Grant’s name continues to gain some attention in the Internet Hollywood universe. She has already been published on our website five times in total. Her name also appeared in a headline of a photographer’s story as well. That alone only shows a piece of the track Grant left in the past. I’m sure that’s going to expand in the future.


The event will be occurring in Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st. It is not known if Hayley Jean will be able to attend the event but congratulations to her!


~*~*Credits & Links**~

Hayley Grant: Instagram – Facebook

Bernie MacArthur Photography (photographer): Facebook – Instagram – Tumblr

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