CT Model Joetry gets featured on Fashion Avenue News Magazine; launches website and clothing line for her brand J’s Infinite Royalties

Models – Independent Connecticut model Joetry has been doing some plotting of her own for sometime now and the steps she recently made has been pretty impressive so I thought I’d share them with you all. The independent model was recently featured in the May issue of Fashion Avenue News Magazine and the photos that Mark Murphy took of her for it was stunning!


She recently sent me some of the photos after giving me details on some of the things that’s been going on with her in the independent modeling field and what plans does she have in store next to keep the momentum going. The two photos I received showed Joetry in a beautifully designed dress by Isiah Thomas Grady. Her hair was done by DeQuan Remy Lavell, her makeup was by Tangler Pritchett, and she says the shoot was styled by Le Coiffeur founder Wendy Issacs.


That wasn’t all of the things Joetry has been doing since we last talked. She also started a brand called J’s Infinite Royalties and launched a website for it! The website includes its own news column and clothing for males, females, babies, and even dogs. The variety of choices also includes tote bags, draw bag, caps and visors.  You could check out the website by clicking the website link next to her name below.


Joetry said she’s now focusing on getting some shoots together to continue expanding her network and portfolio!




Joetry: Website Instagram

Mark Murphy lll: Instagram (click here)

Wendy Issacs: Facebook (click here)

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