CT Model Keri Marie discuss her TV show appearance on Ink Masters, CT Princess Parties LLC, having three jobs and more!

Interviews – It has been one busy summer for Internet Hollywood and it’s about to get a whole lot busier. After interviewing countless people over the weekend I was definitely excited to get a model that I have had on my radars for years. Connecticut model Keri Marie was one of dozens of talented people I interviewed over the past couple of days about their careers.


I got in touch with the model after she published one of her links on a status I wrote requesting that all talent post their fan pages in the comment section. After getting in touch with her about the interview, she agreed then we got right to it!


Internet Hollywood: A lot of Internet Hollywood readers is unaware that your an independent model with a great deal of experience. Could you give our readers a brief history about who you are and what got you into modeling?


Marie: My whole life I always wanted to be a model. Or at least take a lot of pretty pictures professionally. I started my modeling experience about 5 years ago as a hair model. From there I walked in runway shows, did numerous photo shoots, made a TV appearance on Ink Masters, been Miss May for Vindacatorcycles Calander. I was featured in Empowred Magazine and a few others. I was also apart of a published book by Trisha May.


Internet Hollywood: You are also a member of CT Princess Parties LLC. What is that, and How did you end up becoming a part of it?


Marie:  CT Princess Parties LLC is a group, or should I say FAMILY, that has one mission. That is to bring smiles to children’s faces by dressing up as their favorite story book character. We have volunteered for a number of great causes every weekend this summer. We do children’s birthday parties, we make visits to hospitals, volunteer for special events. The amount of charity work we do as a company is amazing. And I am so happy to be apart of this loving family and very proud! I started really getting into cosplay about a year ago but I’ve been with this company since they started. I will continue until I’m too old, then I’ll be be an evil step mother of some sort, lol. Anyone who loves cosplay and children can join our family, we welcome them with open arms!


Internet Hollywood: I noticed you haven’t been doing many photo shoots recently. Are you putting modeling to the side for now?


Marie: I had a few shoots planned for the summer nothing too crazy. I have 3 other jobs and 2 kids. There is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Modeling is just a hobby right now. Something I like to do for fun.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of your favorite photographers to work with, and is there any you would like to work it?


Marie:  I don’t play favorites I love them all.


Internet Hollywood: Is there anything you got in store for the future that you want the public to know about?


Marie:  I’m working I’m getting cosplay shoots done!


Since our questions is kept at a minimum for this week we will have to schedule a fool interview with Keri Marie over the weekend. The model is someone that I have been following for a while and have even written stories about before. Our record shows that Marie has been published on Internet Hollywood five times!


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Keri Marie: Facebook

Photographer: Kailynn’s Kreations Photography

CT Princess Parties LLC: Facebook

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