CT model Ni Breezy and photographer Raymix-1000 collide in their first photo shoot together in Washington Park in New Haven, CT!

Photo Shoots – Independent Connecticut model Ni Breezy has another photo shoot under her belt after doing an awesome shot with Raymix-1000. The two got together at the ending of September in Washington Park in New Haven, CT to pull off this wonderful shoot that produced dozens of great shots.


I was informed of the photo shoot over messenger by Ni Breezy who told me that she would be shooting with Raymix-1000. I was unaware when the photo shoot was going to take place but the moment it happened Schon-Ray sent me one of the photos over messenger expressing his excitement about the photo shoot and how great the photos turned out even without editing. He sent me one of the unedited photos as well. You could see the photo on the bottom of the two photos posted below this story.


Not much has to be said about the shoot, but Ni Breezy did fill me in with some information about the experience that occurred at the special moment. She explained the experience as exciting and stated that people watching in the park would watch her and root on as she did the photo shoot. She said Schon-Ray was “well-spoken” and came up with good ideas to get great shots. She also shared that they had some unwanted mosquito guests that tried they best to get in on the photo shoot as well. LOL.


Ni Breezy’s new photo shoot with Schon-Ray is the beginning of many to come as the two both go on their ventures to do more collaborations in the future. They both have carved out a path for their journies and has decided to take on it from all directions with every inch of the talent they have. You could check out more of their work or get in contact with them by clicking the highlighted links next to their names below!




Ni Breezy: Instagram


Schon-Ray: Instagram

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