CT Model Ni-breezy reveals some of her favorite childhood films: “Dexter from Cartoon Network. It was interesting seeing all the experiments he would come up.”

Topic of the Week – Independent Connecticut model Ni-breezy had some interesting answers to a few questions I had asked related to our hot topic of the month currently, Childhood Films & Series. Check out what she said!


~*~*Interview /w Ni-Breezy*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Growing up as a child, what would you say was your favorite films and television series to watch? 


Ni-Breezy: Dexter from Cartoon Network it was interesting seeing all the experiments he would come up with and the fact he has a sister I never really had a real sister to argue with… Jimmy neutron was also interesting and power puff girls. Films- Anything with Will Smith or John Travolta, also Angelina Jolie.


Internet Hollywood: As kids many of us impersonated characters we seen on the screen with our family and friends. Some play basketball, football, wrestle, baseball, softball, or other. Who were some of the people or what were some of the things you and your pairs would impersonate in your childhood days when ya’ll would have fun?


Ni-breezy: Kim Possible because she always saved people from evil plots, also Blossom from power puff girls because she was assertive to people, very nice but always let people know if they were wrong about something.


Internet Hollywood: What were some of the scariest movies you watched and have any ever gave you nightmare? 


Ni-breezy: Id say Chuckie and Freddy versus Jason but I never had nightmares.


Internet Hollywood: If you could choose to be a villian or superhero what would you choose and what would your name and powers be?


Ni-breezy: If I was a villain my name would be “Unpredictable” because id be swift with it. My powers would be reading people’s mind and flying.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Ni-breezy!


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