CT model Yanira comments on IH Vega making her a Chief Operating Officer of Internet Hollywood: “Super excited!!”

IH News – Independent Connecticut model Yanira has already started working on a very important project with Internet Hollywood after being added to lineup of leaders in the party division that are expected to be more active than ever this year. When the news became public knowledge that the independent model was recruited to the team she responded to IH Vega, here’s what she said:


“I appreciate your willingness for considering me to secure a position as COO. It is a stepping stone for me. I’m sure I will get to know more people along the way in consideration we will all bond in great lengths as business partners. I still have a long way to go and will a appreciate all help and advice I could get as this is a major change in my career…god bless! Can’t wait to start! Super excited!!”


Yanira is currently working with a Internet Hollywood team to organize Internet Hollywood’s next few events that is expected to take place in future months to come. She also oversees information from the operational officers that’s working on her behalf. Congratulations to Yanira!




Yanira: Instagram

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