CT Model Yanira reveals her plans for 2020, being a healthcare worker during the pandemic, cancelling shows, being IMDB accredited, and more!

Interviews – It seems like it’s been forever since we last spoke to independent Connecticut model Yanira since she last hosted our party in Connecticut in November 2019. Countless times we explained how historic it was for all of us to experience such a great moment that defined a new era for Internet Hollywood as a whole. I was finally able to catch up with the model to do our very first interview of the year 2020 together. Check out what we discussed!


~*~Interview /w Yanira*~*~


Internet Hollywood News: What’s popping Yanira?! Welcome back to the Internet Hollywood universe. It’s always a great pleasure interviewing someone as hardworking and dedicated as you. You have proven yourself to be a very focused person that will get the job done if its something that trully inspires you, no matter how challenging it is. But now that we are in a new year I’m sure the challenges will be far more greater. What are some of the goals you have set in place for 2020 and what are some of the biggest you are hoping to accomplish?


Yanira: This year has been a great year thus far. I can’t complain. As far as our United States pandemic I can’t say the same. As a healthcare worker I am obligated to care for the safety of others which I will continue to do as a devoted medical assistant. As of now I have have 3 cancelled runway shows, due to this pandemic. This will not stop me at all. I will continue to practice my catwalk and rock the next runway show. Look at the bright side…this will all blow over at some point and people will have to go back to their ordinary lives again, which I am looking forward to.


Internet Hollywood News: You have collaborated with many photographers, did fashion shows, signed to a management, and made a lot of club appearances in 2019 alone. What are some of the things you hope to do differently this year and what would you say is some of the biggest mistakes you made?


Yanira: This year alone has been a tough year as I said before. I am looking forward to getting discovered, more runway shows. Now that I have credits in an upcoming movie called “Brooklyn Pieces” I look forward to more acting in the future . However, I need more acting lessons. It’s something I can accomplish and learn quickly.


Internet Hollywood News: Last year you managed to get published in a magazine and walked in your very first fashion show. What was the feeling like when you experienced walking in a fashion show for the first time and how would you describe the feeling of seeing yourself in a publication for modeling?


Yanira: Modeling has always been my passion. Now that I am actually full-filling that passion I am forever great full and thankful for all the opportunities headed my way. My very first runway show I was absolutely terrified. In fact I was just supposed to go to the event and observe. Little did I know 3 fashion designers snagged me from the back of the room and asked “Are you a model?” I answered yes…but as soon as I could yell “I’m just observing!!” I was already in the fitting room…YIKES!! I have to tell you that it was the best experience in my entire life. Despite me being soo nervous, I “killed the show”. I got soo many compliments. I was def ready for the next one. Listen?! If I can do it…you can!! Don’t let anything negative get in the way, always think positive, and do ya thang!!


Internet Hollywood News: Has anything about your dream goals changed now that your more experienced with modeling on the independent level and have a better understanding of things and is there anything new you would like to try as far as photo shoots or other fields of talent goes?


Yanira: I started getting paid for some shoots. Which is always greatly appreciate. I def see myself acting and maybe even videos…I would love to do voice overs for Disney films. That would be pretty dope.


Internet Hollywood News: What kind of people are you hoping to collaborate with this year and do you charge a price for any of your services now that your more experienced at what you do?


Yanira: I am hoping to collab with fashion designer Hope Wade. Her designs are African themed and are absolutely amazing. I would wear every single piece in her collection. Now that I am an experienced model and IMDB accredited, I do charge for my services which can be negotiated upon collaboration.


Internet Hollywood News: Do you currently have anything in the works that you would like people to know about?


Yanira: Yes, I have 3 runway shows that have been rescheduled for later dates due to our pandemic. I am also looking forward to other special events that I can not mention at this moment, but I am def ready for whatever comes my way…


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Yanira!!


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