CT Model Yanira talks about modeling, being picked for Miss Fashion Global, photo shoots, Ethics Beauty Supply, and more!

Interviews  – Independent Connecticut model Yanira has a lot of things going on in her pretty busy life and she’s taking the time out of her day to chat with us about her journey as an independent model and one of Internet Hollywood’s newest Chief Operating Officers. I wrote up a couple of questions and sent them over for her to answer and got all of the answers I needed. I hope you enjoy reading the interview!


~*~*Interview /w Yanira*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Finally! The chance has finally come where I get to interview an upcoming model who happens to be one of the new Chief Operating Officers of Internet Hollywood’s Party Division. It’s a pleasure having you join us today Yanira. For that people that don’t know, lets rewind time to get a better understanding of that made you into the person you are and where your personal abilities rest. So if you don’t mind, please give us a brief history on your background; describing who you are, where you from, and what do you do?


Yanira: (revamped) First and foremost I would like to thank Justin Hamlett for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the team. My name is Yanira, but I go by my IG name which is “Arinay”. I am of Puerto Rico and Dominican decent, born in Paterson NJ and raised in Hartford CT for most of my life. I’m 1 of 7 siblings raised in a single parent household. I work in the medical field as a Medical Assistant and been at my current 9-5 for 14 years and yes I love what I do. Helping and supporting others has become a great passion of mine. Being in the medical field has taught me patience, compassion, values, and morals, which are all traits I will continue to follow moving forward. However modeling has always been a passion I never got to express until now and I enjoy every bit of it. I will make the best of it along with my position as COO.


Internet Hollywood: You’ve collaborated with Massachusetts photographer Cren Lee a couple of times and the results from the shoots turned out to be pretty nice. You’ve clearly started your journey to become model already and I could only imagine which direction you wish to take it. What was the experience like shooting with a great photographer like Cren Lee and what are some things you want people to expect from you as you continue going down the independent modeling path?


Yanira: It’s only been 1 yrs since I started modeling and so far it has been a great experience. I’ve collaborated with a few photographers that have helped me get started. Cren Lee is one of the photographers that has become my sponsor. Modeling wigs for his family owned store “Ethics Beauty Supply”. Wigs has never been a thing until now. I have gained a new perspective on wigs and gained to love them. This has been a new experience for me and hope to expand with apparel and jewelry. I have also been called for a couple videos in the future which is another field I would like to try. I will continue modeling and adjusting to my position as a COO.


Internet Hollywood: You recently did a photo shoot representing the Miss Fashion Global that’s gong to be occurring a little later this year in Florida. What is that event about and what made you want to be apart of it?


Yanira: Miss Fashion Global is a National modeling contest that caters to all types, shapes and sizes. In search of the one model to hold the national title as “Miss Fashion Global”. There are 4 categories a model can compete in: Fit, Petite, Curvy and Runway Model. I love that this competition embraces diversity and is dedicated to support positive self image, love and confidence. The event will also raise money to donate to the Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. It is amazing how people come together and support one another in success and donations. Would like to express the fact that I’m not in it to win, but to experience the world of modeling. This has always been a dream and I excited to be a part of it all.


Internet Hollywood: You’ve always been a pretty stylish person with a good taste in the things you want to wear and you make it look good every time you bring it out. I admire the confidence on your page and all of the entertaining videos and photos you be posting. You also show your flexible straits in your modeling photos that makes me wonder what style of modeling you do and what barriers you don’t cross. Care to share what are your favorite and least favorite styles of photo shooting and what you would like to do more of?


Yanira: Modeling is not an easy task. People seem to think all your doing is getting your picture taken in different looks and styles. With that comes a journey of risks you take. It comes easy to many, but not all. You have to position yourself in many uncomfortable positions that might not feel right to you but looks amazing in a photo. My personal favorite shoots would be the more of a tough edgy look, sexy but classy, that boss lady look, definitely sporty. With that said there are barriers to my modeling. I will not shoot in lingerie just because it is not my style to go for as it is a little too risky for me.


Internet Hollywood): You always been a very organized person with how you do things and when I got to know you a bit more I learned that you have your own way of expressing yourself and it all of who you are relates as a collective and you seem real disciplined all around. You repeated effort to work, hit the gym, model, host parties, do photo shoots, and be a independent mother sounds kind of hard when looking at everything from a far view. What influenced you to develop that kind of mentality to actually carry the tasks in the order you do, and now that your applying it what are other goals should we expect from you in the future that doesn’t include just modeling?


Yanira: Thank you, next, I’m soo thankful for my Ex” in my Ariana Grande voice…lol! Nah, but jokes aside, I was inspired from a 14yr relationship breakup. I was able to find myself and become a stronger person as a single parent and an independent model. I started gaining my confidence back, hitting the gym about 4-5 times a week, started working extra shifts. Hosting at night clubs and modeling. My kids are #1 priority in my category. I have to provide for them first and make sure they are ok before anything else. It is definitely a hefty task balancing it all, but a moms got to do what a moms got to do. My goal is to hopefully not work as hard and still be able to do my modeling. Until then, I will continue to work and provide, enjoy being in front of a camera.


Internet Hollywood: Congratulations on becoming the Chief Operational Officer in Internet Hollywood’s party division. Selecting you has been a decision that I felt was appropiate based on what I witnessed from you as a person in our previous conversations and I know you’ve been a little nervous but I know you run head first into a challenge. What made you accept the invitation to take on the responsibility of a COO and what has been your goal now that you heading a very active division in the movement?


Yanira: Thank you for this opportunity. Accepting this position was not very hard, but definitely not easy to accept either as it is way out of my scope of practice. I am an ambitious and confident individual and as you said I am ready to run in head first into the challenge. I am natural born leader and I feel this position will put me to work in all aspects and angles. I have always loved the night life and party scenes. I’m ready for all it has to offer. My goal is to try and make everyone happy, have great outcomes all while promoting my brand as a model and having fun with it. I’m excited and can’t wait to meet everyone. I welcome everyone with warm open arms. “Genuine goodness is threatening to those at the opposite end of the moral spectrum”-Charles Spencer


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Yanira, it’s a huge pleasure having you here!




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