CT Photographer James McCrea Jr. discuss photography, his love for landscape shooting, wanting to inspire people, his next event at The Oakdale Theater and more!

Beyond The Lens – Connecticut photographer James McCrea Jr. is giving us all the information I wanted in a recent interview we finally wrapped up on Monday. I got in touch with the photographer a little over a week ago and told him that I was interested in interviewing him and he was down for it. Soon after, I wrote up some questions and sent it to him as soon as I was done and waited for about a day before I received his answers. I hope you like them!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w James McCrea*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up James!? It’s nice to talk with an unfamiliar face that possesses a talent we feel is good enough to write about. I checked out your photography page and you definitely got a whole lot of work that’s worth checking out. What made you want to try out photography and what was the very first camera you bought to start off?


McCrea: Hello, and thank you it means a lot to be able to be featured on this amazing platform so thank you again. And to Answer your question, nothing really made me get into photography, It just kinda happened I’ve always love being the guy behind the lens but I never knew how I wanted to be the guy behind the lens if that makes sense. I didn’t know if I would film vlogs, photography, YouTube videos, etc.. Until one day, I said I’ll try them all and whichever one I choose I’m going to 100% In It and it was Photography and where we are, and the first camera I head was an old Point and shoot Sony camera that I bought from a pawn shop for $90.00.


Internet Hollywood: Was the ability to concentrate on the photo shoots you were doing naturally there or did it take a while to learn?


McCrea: It wasn’t more so hard to concentrate the hardest part was for me is staying consistent with my craft and my art as well as with my photo shoots. I knew I was limited to editing programs and equipment, so I learned how to make doe and constantly giving my following the best work I could give at that time as wells as now.


Internet Hollywood: What is your favorite style of shooting and who are some of the models you love doing shoots with?


McCrea: Surprisingly my Favorite Style of shooting is Landscape shooting Its jus something about taken of the world it gives you a different feel about the world. And my favorite models I love shooting with would hands down have to be my JMP Models (Rachel Burress) & (Abbey Amendola) they have been with this brand and with me for about 2 Years now and they know the vision that I have set mentality for my brand and they buy into they are amazing. Other the them I love shooting with Cindy Tamara & Amanda Caviasca they are very great models to be on set with they make it easy to do my job as an photographer their preparation is just amazing.


Internet Hollywood: You also have a pretty dope clothing line that a few models modeled in for you in a few of your shoots. When did the idea of a clothing line come to mind and what kind of merchandise is available?


McCrea: CREA CO. came to be in 2014 i was tired of wearing everyone else’s name brand clothing I wanted to start wearing clothing that had my name on it so I talk to my friend he ordered me 42 White Crea T-shirts and All 42 TShirts Sold so I took some time to get the right connections and to make the right investments into the clothing Line and now I’m starting release more. As in right now officially Crea T-shirt’s are Available but more is releasing I in the process of have a release so you will deff be seeing more clothing soon.

Internet Hollywood: You are going to be at the Oakdale Theatre on January 31st doing something very exciting. Could you please let us our readers know what that is?


McCrea: OKAY! Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 I Willing be attending one of the biggest World Wide Events For Independent Artist Like myself in Wallingford CT(06492) 95 South Turnpike Road THE OAKDALE THEATRE. I was Contacted By a representative of RAW ARTIST asking me If I was interested in attending Their RAW ARTIST Brooklyn NYC event, Unfortunately I couldn’t attend that event due to Scheduling so he introduced the idea of me attending the Connecticut Show at THE OAKDALE THEATRE. I gave them the thumbs up and talk about the event and went over paperwork and now I’ll be there on January 31st 2018 and the will be my birthday so I’m excited.


Internet Hollywood: What’s the main goal out of everything that your doing now that you feel you need to accomplish and what happens if you don’t?


McCrea: My final goal I feel like I need to accomplish is To show other photographers and artist that if you are loyal and true It will be worth journey. A lot of people forget why they do what do when they move forward in their careers which is normal but I love the art of photography and what it has done for me as a person I can I never forget, so my final goal would have to be to Inspire someone.


Internet Hollywood: Is there anything else you are working on that you would like to share?


McCrea: I am working on a big project only thing I can hint is these 2 things (1) It’s Out Of The Box (2) It’s going to be something you haven’t seen. I promise in a couple months if you have me again I’ll give more details.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what’s the next step in your career after you conquered your main goal?


McCrea: Honestly I don’t believe it’s for me to know what that next step is because my end goal is never ending so when that comes that’s when I can tell you my next step. lol.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview McCrea!


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