CT Photographer Melissa Morris discussed her Christmas plans, shopping traditionally, what she cooked, and more!

Topic of the Month (Christmas) – Christmas was a pretty hot topic in Internet Hollywood this month and many people revealed their plans, past holiday experiences, and more to me in a short interview we did over FB messenger. I got in touch with Connecticut photographer Melissa Morris to get the inside scoop on her plans before the holiday, and here’s how that interview worked out!


~*~*Christmas /w Melissa Morris*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Christmas is just around the corner and many people have been bringing out their care for others by doing a lot of Christmas shopping. The positive energy that has been floating around inspired me to begin a journey to unravel some of the people’s plans for the holiday. How will you be spending Christmas this year?


Melissa: Well I usually do Christmas eve with very close friends and their little ones, so this year due to work schedules, we are having our celebration on the 23rd, so a full family dinner, crafts, hot cocoa and of course opening of presents. This has been a tradition for a few years. I am just spending the actual holidays finalizing the next issue of MIRaJ up and ready for release.


Internet Hollywood: Nowadays the traditional way of shopping by visiting retail stores hasn’t been much of a match to the digital shopping that’s been taking place. Are you doing all of your shopping online or offline? And would you mind sharing something you got this year as well?


Melissa: I did a few specialized gifts unattainable in retails stores online, but for the most part I do enjoy dressing up and going out to the stores and shopping. I always keep a extra cheerful attitude to combat any grinches out there and I always am super nice to the workers, they are doing their very best. One thing I got this year was furthering my hobby to my nieces, they each got their very own Instax cameras to start them out.


Internet Hollywood: Cooking has also been a traditional way of celebrating the holiday for centuries. Will you be cooking you up anything for this Christmas as well?


Melissa: We are doing a traditional ham with all the fixins’ such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, rolls, and of course desserts!!


Internet Hollywood: What does a holiday like Christmas mean to you and why do you choose to celebrate each year?


Melissa: I celebrate still every year simply because the magic isn’t lost on me, this time of year can be so wonderful and happy and while many, including myself, deal with depression, i still find that seeking out small happiness every day tends to make this dreary, cold season pass quickly. I swear we need Christmas in a warmer season..but then I would find fault at not having any snow, they are synonymous.


Internet Hollywood: After looking back over everything that happened this year, would you say you’re happy about how things turned out or no?


Melissa: To be honest, 2018 isn’t going to be a year I remember that fondly, it does have its high points, but for the most part it was a bad year for me. The latter half of this year did a turnaround and I am ending it on a massive high note, with friends, and loved ones, and success and a positive outlook for 2019. I see big, exciting things for me!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Melissa!





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