Cthree Breaks Into the Internet Hollywood Universe As The First Rapper From Long Beach, California!

ct treeCthree has finally broke into our universe as his own with a style different from those that we heard before. The relaxed flow that grows in the ‘Higher Plane’ creates a lane he takes us down while listening to the lyrics he deliver in each bar he uses to complete a perfect verse. The smooth sound found in his impressive flow shows he’s more than ready for the challenges that lies ahead as the charts continues to change by the month. Hearing Eric clears the skies with a new cloud to hide under when your just not feeling the music radio stations are ramming down your throats. The upcoming music artist puts his heart in his music and uses it to influence his following while swallowing the energy whole before throwing up brand new addictive tracks for our ears to hold onto. Cthree is on the brink of carving a path inside our realm to take on all advantages without a single brake to stop his tracks. The music artist was submitted to our universe by a member of our staff and since than he’s immediately passed as one of the latest entries! We welcome Cthree to our Internet Hollywood universe and we wish him the best of lucky!


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