Cthree Prepares For War With S.O.S – Tells Rude Boy To Throw The First Shot

Cthree isn’t backing down for what lies ahead with Rude Boy from underground rap group S.O.S. The hype behind words continues to curve the energy into something far more greater than many have already thought. Rude Boy’s response to Cthree’s diss created a strong aggressive tone that embarks on a new way of solving situations – with battles.

Rude Boy’s response:

Rude Boy response:

“Hahaha tooo funny I laugh at niggas like that,” he said. “We don’t acknowledge nobodies. Dudes a lame period. Why get mad over somebody who couldn’t even eat his snacks lol smh. Look, this track “talk to em“ is for n****s like him.”

Rude Boy also went on to give his on thought on the possible reason why Cthree would target them instead of underground Connecticut rap artists Snacks Giggaty;

“He’s afraid,” he claimed.” Even fake n***** know real when they see it, and they get intimidated and act out on pure fear of being put on the back burner, because now there’s actually talent here and not just people saying words over a beat and thats understandable. But the issue with that is you chose the wrong ones like I said, you couldn’t even eat ya snacks and you tryna swallow steel. We here and we here to stay period! Oh, and one more thing, the fact that we was riding for him in his “so called” beef wit Snacks and he decided to diss us shows that hes intimidated period.”

California rapper Cthree didn’t take to kindly to the threats Rude Boy sent. The rapper has opening up a can of words and is throwing them directly at the rap group as a challenge.

“We will see who is the last man standing,” he said. “My music speaks for itself. These n*****out here walking blind, smh throw a shot musically and thats your own Funeral. I keep my friends close and enemies closer. Ya’ll should maybe talk this over; ah bad move for a knight and his soldiers.”

Rapper Cthree has seen nothing but success for the past two weeks. The artist repeatedly made headlines, trended and even made Snoop Dogg’s ‘Underground Heat’ countdown for unsigned artists. You can check the video out below!

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