Is Cthree On The Verge Of Becoming The Floyd Mayweather Of Internet Hollywood?

c three new 1It isn’t a surprise Cthree name is easily gaining fame after his controversial debut that ended up being the most talked about topic all over Internet Hollywood. The artist recently entered inside of the ‘Game Of Rap’ preseason and is now giving underground rapper Gudahmouth a fight worth paying attention to. Cthree is currently leading the fight against the lyrical underground MC by two points pulling in a strong 75%. Many would argue that Cthree’s influence in the underground circuit of Internet Hollywood have somehow made him a favorite among our private committee. The truth remains in the level of credibility that’s established upon each release that is judged later when each member of our committee is casting in votes to determine who will lead the billboard charts the following month. If Cthree wins against Gudahmouth he will prove himself to be worthy of his word that will help boost his image as the “chosen one” in iHollywood’s rap universe. Despite having growing confrontations the #1 Internet Hollywood headliner continues to use his conscious mind to remain one of the most dominant lyricist to ever touch a microphone all over the Internet world. How far does it go? We could only imagine. If Cthree continues to build his hype while dominating the Game Of Rap Series he will without a doubt be crowned the Game Of Rap throne master.

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