daggerSLADE Model Images Captures Shay’s special appearance at the Internet Hollywood party

Internet Hollywood News – Vermont model Shay was a miracle walking the red carpet this past weekend in Worcester Massachusetts. The gorgeous model kept it cool, calm and classy through the night before taking off a little early for classes in the morning. DaggerSlade kept his camera ready and aimed it steady to capture beautiful shots of the Vermont model in front of our colorful backdrop.


The event was filled with positive energy and conversations that Shay smoothly worked her way through. She kept her look pure and natural with a Victoria Secret sweat shirt and some blue jeans. Her hair was perfectly twisted in two braids that dangled beautifully across her shoulders as she smiled for daggerSLADE Model Images.


Shay recently confirmed that she was going to be attending the first Internet Hollywood party earlier this month. She received the invitation just in time to make a well deserved appearance at our media-networking event. This article marks her official debut as a Internet Hollywood sensation.


We really enjoyed the company of the beautiful model and the photographer. Meeting them is a learning experience that I feel we all could learn from. I hope to see both of these hard working sensations at our next event in late July.



Shay: will be available soon

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