DAMN: Model Modela Marina Debuts On Internet Hollywood Top Selfie Chart At #9

modela marina 3Prince Vega – With Internet Hollywood Magazine just around the corner from its official release one model is quickly gaining a huge presence in Internet Hollywood and nothing is stopping her. Modela Marina has made front page news in Internet Hollywood twice in the past 48 hours, days after her debut became one of the most talked about topics on Internet Hollywood Radio.


The scorching celebrity took a steamy selfie photo of her beautiful body in a gorgeous bikini that she strutted like the star that she is. The models presence is growing so tremendously that rumors are circulating that she may be considered for a Internet Hollywood Magazine feature.


Modela Marina has made front page news three times since her debut as one of our celebrities earlier this month. She once was one of the most wanted free agents Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega wanted a part of his model lineup. The celebrity is one of our newest recruits that our committee predicts will have a huge impact in Internet Hollywood in the following months to come.


It remains uncertain whether Marina will be included in our July issue of Internet Hollywood. All we can say is that it is currently in the works and options are being weighed heavily. There is also some speculation that Modela Marina may be offered her own show on Internet Hollywood Radio. She is starting to become the fastest growing headliner in Internet Hollywood’s history!


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