Dancer & Model Angel Rosen discusses professional pole dancing, surviving Hurricane Florence, moving to Cape Cod, photo shoots, and more!

Beyond The Lens – It has been a really busy week in Internet Hollywood with everything that has been going on leading up to Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year on November 16th. I have been investing my time in learning different things about others by doing cool hot topics that many people participate in by answering similar questions. Instead of giving Angel the hot topic questions I was reminded about an interview we did and I felt the need to share it as soon as I remembered. I hope you enjoy reading the interview below!


~*~*Interview /w Angel Rosen*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Angel?! It’s certainly a pleasure to have you return back to us for another follow-up interview to rundown all of the great things you have been doing so far. I appreciate you filling me in on all of the information covering your latest efforts and recent hardwork. You told me you represented, Mystical Fitness Studio in the American Pole League’s USA National Championships 2018. You also revealed that you won 2nd place. What was the experience like being selected to compete in the pole league and what was it like winning 2nd place?


Angel: Thank you, Justin. It’s such a pleasure to talk with you again. Yes, being a part of the; America Pole League, Is such a honor. The league keeps the focus on the sport of pole dance. Which is exactly what my studio is all about. Having the opportunity to represent myself & my studio; Mystical Fitness Studio, as a semi pro senior in, Artistic Pole in USA Nationals. Was a very large step. I trained very hard and yes, was pretty nervous. Once your done with your performance, you set in a chair, waiting for your score. I truly felt my whole body shaking in anticipation!!! I told myself no matter what happens. I had already succeeded in challenging myself, by competing in this event. So the shock of taking second place, was just extra bliss to the whole experience. Holding the mental in my hand, reminds me to continue to fallow this path. I never even saw coming. Winning was a beautiful part of it, yes. But, showing myself how far I can go, just by making that comment to me. That’s the life changing moment!!!


Internet Hollywood: You also shared that you were invited to perform at a variety showcase with a handful of performers as well. What were the events about and what kind of work did you do there?


Angel: Yes, the amazing variety show!! It all started with, Zatara; who came to; Mystical Fitness Studio. Within every lesson she came for, I learned more about her. Turns out she was a performer, who knows how to dance with; fire, silk fans, & makes her own extraordinary costumes. So long story short, Zatara knew a handful of amazing talent. They were putting together a pride show that year. I accepted a invitation to join the show. From the first time we all worked together. It was magical and incredibly smooth!! As if we had all worked together before. Leaving us to, continue to book shows every few months. Each one becoming bigger then the last. I was the only aerialist, and was received with much love. Then by the second show, Zatara and I were performing a pole duet as one of the closing numbers. I’ve never felt so comfortable with a group of humans. I was were I was meat to be!!! Twixi Chardonnay, Hysteria Cole, Zatara Delavega & Ellis D. were the most incredible crew to work with. Every show we put together had it own theme. That usually determined the music and costumes for each of our tastes and talents. Pushing all of our creativity, right down to the stage being dressed up. I even did a few chair dances, because we each had many numbers to perform for each show. There’s nothing better then getting to perform new routines and expanding yourself as a artist.


Internet Hollywood: You and your family went through a pretty hard time when Hurricane Florence went through Beaufort, NC and caused some damages to your home and left contaminated water which lead to the relocation to Cape Cod. What was the experience like dealing with such a troubling time and actually experiencing the rush of a hurricane that was on its way before it fully came to North Carolina?


Angel: Hurricane Florence took all of us on a emotional roller coaster. The intensity of preparing for the storm alone was harsh. Then, getting the call that our home in Beaufort was right in the path of the storm. Evacuating was our best choice. Which lead to backing supplies and heading to our home on Cape Cod, for safety. If that’s not nerve wracking enough. Along our travels too Cape Cod. A car pulled out right in front me, causing a very traumatizing crash. Totaling my SUV on site. Leaving my three kids, dog and cat pretty much stranded, with the hurricane on the way. If it hadn’t been for the local firefighters, loading all our belongings into their personal vehicles. As well as taking me to a rental place and giving me a car sit for my youngest child. We would have been completely stranded. It was the biggest blessing amongst the scariest moment, I’ve ever had. Once the storm passed through, we were lucky enough to still hav our home & Mystical Fitness Studio still in very good condition, with minor damages. Except right as we were ready to return too, North Carolina. I found out the flood waters, had contaminated the water well with, E. coli. With our only choice to stay put on, Cape Cod. I put my children back into their original schools and just like that; we were home again. Once again feeling blessed during a bad situation. It’s taken us all some readjustment time. Between the rush of the storm, car wreck and unexpected re-relocation. We were all left with a little trauma from it all. But, more importantly, we were all together and physically unharmed. The universe blessed us many times, in situations, that could have been extremely worse. So I’m grateful and thankful, even though it was one of the scariest rides, I’ve experienced in many different ways.


Internet Hollywood: You also showed me some pretty awesome photo shoots you did with photographer Jeff Smith since you been back up in Cape Cod. Where did the idea of the photo shoot you showed me come from and are there other photo shoots in the work for the future?


Angel: Jeff Smith and I have been neighbors and extremely good friends for 12 years. So he was the first person to know of my evacuation and return to Cape Cod. One morning, while having coffee at his home. I brought him a very massive roll of clear wrap. It was left over from wrapping furniture for the move to North Carolina. I knew with the way he played with the gel colors in his photography. We could make something fun and different. We have always enjoyed playing around with ideas, just for experiment sake. I’m sure he has tons of shots from other ideas we played with, that never made the cut. From all our years of goofing off together. But, clear wrap, just happen to turn out, pretty dame magical! Recently, Jeff Smith sold his house here on Cape, and is enjoying major adventures across the country with his family. Wyoming, being his new home base. But, that only means, I’ll have to travel a little farther to have coffee with him again. Time and distance can never out weight the friendship we’ve had for so very long. So, I can only imagine that eventually we’ll be up to shenanigans again.


Internet Hollywood: I remember you stating you were stepping up the costume fun with a costume designer name Mysteriously Joined. What are you looking forward to getting done while collaborating in that area of things?


Angel: Mysteriously Jointed, will be designing my next competition costume. The brand produces amazing art, that is turned into fashionable clothes. I’m looking forward to our first collaboration together. As well as building a business relationship with such an exciting brand. I’m their first, Brand Ambassador!! Which is a huge honor, and I’m so very grateful for this opportunity. I can’t wait to be sporting their designs, on and off stage.


Internet Hollywood: In case we haven’t touched down on all of things you currently have in place for the future, what are some more things that your working on that we all should be expecting from you in the future and where direction does Angel go (career wise) now that her new home is Cape Cod?


Angel: Now that the universe has brought me back to, Cape Cod. Where I’ve had all my children and have lived for 15 years. I believe for now, I’ll be staying put. Currently, I’ve been looking at spaces for, Mystical Fitness Studio. As well as, choosing my competitions, for this year. I’m following my heart through this crazy, pole journey. Because, I noticed during the chaos of the storm. When I’m not teaching or aerial training. I’m not myself, and feel lost from my path. My biggest lesson in this last year, is that we can try to plan our future. But, sometimes the universe has a plan all its own. Luckily, I can bend instead of break. So, going with the flow of what tomorrow brings, is all I can do. Getting Mystical Fitness Studio, up and running here on; Cape Cod. As well as, enjoying the new brand, I’m so honored to represent. Are my biggest steps so far, from stepping out of the chaos the universe has thrown at me. I’m not seeking fame or fortune. But, I do enjoy lighting up my students souls, when they discover. They’re capable of so much more then the ever imagined. Which in return, helps inspire me in creating my performances. It all comes full circle!!! Not giving up on myself or my dreams is the only direction I know to take.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Angel!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~



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