Danica Eliseus slays Hot Topic dress in her photo shoot with Day Photography, receives two magazine publications after

Photo Shoots – Connecticut model Danica Eliseus went on full slay mode when she collaborated with Day Photography late last month. I recently discovered a photo from their shoot while I was browsing through the Instagram pages of a lot of rising talent in the New England. Eliseus’s looked so beautiful posing in her Hot Topic dress while Day Photography worked his magic from behind the lens. I just felt the need to share this to all of you since I know them both.


Eliseus has done quite a few photo shoots other than the ones with Day Photography in Late May. I also discovered that she did a photo shoot with JCT Photography and Urban Eye Candi. She was also featured in Gilded Magazine and the first issue of The Definition Magazine. She is definitely doing a great job expanding herself.


Day Photography has also been keeping his camera busy with the many collaborations he has been doing over the last few months. I traced many projects that involved Isabel Vinson, Lori Westwood, Amy Bathory and more. This is the first time Day Photography and Dani Eliseus has been published in Internet Hollywood. It looks like the accomplishments isn’t stopping anytime soon!


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Dani Eliseus:  Instagram

Day Photography:  Instagram

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