Darryl Martinville of Day Photography reveals his plans for 2018, discuss who he wants to collaborate with, when he first picked up a camera, wanting to be more knowledgeable and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts photography Darryl Martinville of Day Photography has been a great supporter of Internet Hollywood and I definitely appreciate all he has done to show it. He has been very patient and fair with me the entire time I knew him and I enjoy featuring his content on our website. One of my favorite photos of his was the ones he took of Upcoming singer Melissa Morris performing at the Internet Hollywood party.


That is definitely of the reasons I was inspired to see what Darryl had going on now that we are at the beginning of a new year!

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Internet Hollywood: What’s up Darry!? This year has definitely been off to a great start for a lot of talented people I’ve spoken with. A lot of them revealed their resolutions and plans to build their careers up more this year. How is your new years going and what are some of the first things you plan on working on this year?


Day: Hey Justin, I have started out my 2018 year a bit on the quieter side .. to give myself the time to finish off any remaining 2017 edits, and to make plans with clients who have already contacted me in regards to their photographic needs for the coming year (wedding, sweet 16 bday party & newborn shoots). I am also trying to figure out the best way to potentially market a couple of calendar ideas that I have been wanting to do for a while now. One of which would be a fund-raiser concept for Cancer research.


Internet Hollywood: Are you interested in collaborating with anyone at this time?


Day: As for people I am interested in collaborating with, their are to many to name both new faces that I have either briefly met or admire their work and those that I have already worked with and hope to continue to do so in the future. I am always willing to collaborate with all of the various individuals who help to create and enable us to produce wonderful images.


Internet Hollywood: Is there anything you changed about yourself now that you’re in the beginning of a new year?


Day: What would I change about myself .. lol, I would like to become more knowledgeable with the many aspects of photography & editing. The field is constantly changing with new technology, equipment and techniques that I feel there is always room to grow and learn something new. So I plan to continue reading and inquiring constantly to acquire new knowledge.


Internet Hollywood: When was the very first time you picked up a camera and how many times have you thought of putting it down and quitting? What kept you motivated?


Day:  LOL .. the first time I picked up a camera .. sometime WAY back in high school … way too many years ago.. lol and Lord help me IF I still had all those photos from when I first started shooting. Photos are froze moments of time that help us revisit the past, I couldn’t begin to count the number of clients I that have said they either had forgotten something had during their wedding reception or that they had missed due to the whirlwind of everything that their day entailed. So that always inspires and keeps me motivated to continue. There may be times when I might slow down shooting BUT I don’t think I’ll ever truly give up my photography. The same is also true with the various groups shoots that I have been to with models .. and when shots get revisited, memories of the day are relived. Sometimes photos help us recall how young we or someone else use to be, or how new to modeling they were, or any other fact that endears the memories to us … it’s always a special time


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite type of themes and models to shoot?


Day: Favorite types of shoots & models to shoot .. lol. I love it all every shoot is a new challenge to be undertaken. Now whether the challenge is due to a new idea, or one that is outside of my comfort zone, or a new model that I have not previously worked with is all part of said challenge and growing both as a photographer and individual.


Internet Hollywood: Ever since I’ve known you through Facebook you have never been caught up in any kind of drama. How does a photographer avoid ending up in the bad light of things online? How do you feel he should carry himself?


Day: Hmm .. I’ve have been involved in my share of drama, so of it my fault, so not .. it happens, from my experiences it’s usually due to one of two reasons … 1) be nieve to a situation (and yes .. we are all susceptible to this) so simple and innocent mistakes are GOING to happen. 2) Ego .. and this is the biggest downfall and causes more unnecessary drama than anything else. If a situation happens due to cause (1) and both sides talk it out either one on one or with the help of a third party who can mediate between the two drama can be avoided, BUT when a situation involving number (2) happens either because someone’s ego is bruised or they have an inflated sense of ego then DRAMA is inevitable. I generally try my best to steer clear of inviduals who are either always “swimming” in drama pools, or carry themselves as DiVAS and “know-it-all” attitudes. We are all human and make mistakes .. when they happen man up and do your best to make the needed corrections it goes a long way to to a positive reputation and keeping your stress low. Also NOBODY knows EVERYTHING and acting like you do makes you seem like your belittling to others .. so that’s never pleasant to interact with.


Internet Hollywood: What is your favorite camera to use when your trying to get the best shots in the shoots you do?


Day: Favorite camera .. LOL .. whatever I’m currently shooting with … currently the Canon70D. Back in the day I loved the Minolta X700 when I use to shoot with film. The camera is the tool photographers use to capture the images. IF you know your tool well enough you’ll get your desired image regardless of which camera your using. I use to sell cameras for Clador’s long ago .. and would get customers asking which camera was the best .. Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, Konica, etc .. I always gave them the same answer .. which do you like best .. they are just like fruit .. do you like Apples, Oranges or Pears .. everyone has their own opinion and NOBODY is wrong .. which are you more familiar with .. that will generally be your favorite.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; What steps do you recommend for people that are interested in photography and not really sure how to start or what camera to choose?


Day: to anyone looking to get into photography do it, so long as you are taking photos for your enjoyment you can’t go wrong. Don’t get into it cause your looking for an easy job or you wanna make $$, A) it’s not as easy as it looks .. you’ll need to learn a lot, and spend even more time to get that good at it.. lol and B ) your going to spend more $$ than you’ll be making on equipment … lol. Photography can be an addiction. Get a camera that you feel comfortable and can afford .. you can always upgrade later as you grow with your skill set. Most importantly (as I was told by other photographers long ago) DON’T be afraid to take pictures .. you’ll invariably learn more from your mistakes than you will your successes.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Day!!


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Day Photography:  Instagram

Photographer (picture above): Midnightskye Creations – Instagram


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