Dash Daniels says she’s working on a swimsuit pop up shop, talks meeting new people, the internet, the state of music, modeling, her favorite songs and more!

Beyond The Lens – Dash Daniels was finally able to give us some time out of her day to fill us in on her thoughts in a few answers she sent in response to a couple questions that were sent to her over messenger. I have been connected with Daniels for almost a whole year and met her for the very first time at Internet Hollywood’s first party back in April 2017.


In the interview, we discussed the current state of music, modeling, the power of the Internet, her favorite artists to listen to, the biggest lesson she learned in 2017 and more. It was a pleasure talking with her. I definitely will be looking forward to talking with her again sometime in the near future. Enjoy the interview!

~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Dash Daniels*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Dash! I would love to give you a warm welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. This is the very first time we both had a chat that is on record for InternetHollywood.com. You are definitely someone that has a mind that I’m desperate to learn about when it comes to your views on what’s going on in the world. I couldn’t wait to find the time to really work on a couple of questions to send you. Before we begin, how is your new year going so far?


Dash:  Justin, I’m happy to be able to step into Internet Hollywood universe an finally have a chat with you!  This year has been amazing so far. I’ve been very blessed. I met with so many great souls, people who are willing to collaborate and build our community. it’s been great working with designers, models & other amazing talents. Im currently working on a swimsuit pop up shop myself, DAZE by Dash.  I wanted it to reflect my persona so I came up with these retro, fun, funky swimsuits for all woman. I think you guys will like it a lot! I’m ready for everyone else to see it as well when it debuts in May 2018.  I’ve also been preparing for the runway with Provida Fashions next month.
I’m not usually a “runway model” but I wanted to challenge myself. Runway is definitely not as simple an easy as it looks but I’ve had some help Patrick Thomas the founder of Provida is a great coach & pleasure to work with. The year has had a prosperous beginning and I’ve just been working hard, focusing on just continuing this streak.


Internet Hollywood: First, we going to start off with the current state of music. It’s pretty clear that every year there is a different sound that becomes trendy to the youth generation. That sound influences the sounds, behavior, and thought pattern of a lot of young people that grows up listening to it. What are your thoughts on music in today’s day and age? Do you feel things have gotten better in music or worse as you grew older?


Dash:  Yes, The music industry has changed tremendously. Apps like Spotify an SoundCloud has raised the bar & Nearly every rule has either been broken or reinvented. Even the fashion world has been heavily influenced by today’s music it feels good to be apart of what I call the “The Industry Revamp.” Music is a reflection of what’s already going on in the world, it exposes emotions that may have been existent for too long, The things no one wants to speak on, and artist uses that platform to express themselves.  Yes, sometimes youth can relate to that music because they are living through it.
But is up to us as adults to assure that these kids are not being easily manipulated by media/propaganda. Simply introducing that conversation would be the most effective way to assure that their futures aren’t affected by the glamorization of Hollywood.  Remember you were once a teen! An adult complaining about our music was pretty much anticipated!  So, Yeah the music is very eccentric now in days but so was the music the 2000s when we were kids, those are known as the “frisky music era”.  We grew up on Eminem rapping about killing his girlfriend in “KIM”.
Khia singing “My Neck, My Back” On live television!  Then in our parent’s era, In the 90s Rappers like Tupac rapped about 13-year-olds getting raped, pregnant an into drugs in “Brenda’s got a baby” or NWA screamed “F*** The Police. Both were called out the president. It’s normal for music especially hip-hop music to be controversial! The new music, the controversial artists…those are the same artist who will be considered legendary in a decade.  There are more than enough great artist that spread positivity like Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars, Drake, & even JayZ who I feel like made an amazing come back.  Quite frankly, I don’t think music will affect our youth more then social media already has.


Internet Hollywood: It isn’t hard to find troubling situations involving relationships when you browse the internet. Many people seem to find relief in posting their personal information out publicly for everyone to see. Whatever the reason may be, there are two sides of polarity that we have to look at, good and bad. Do you feel the Internet has made things better or worse for relationships? (please also explain why)


Dash: Relationships are definitely being challenged for the worst with the rise of social media.
It’s so easy for couples to stray away from relationships when things get tough verses actually talking through situations and finding a solution.  Your relationship becomes so publicized once you start posting your significant other and it could begin to feel as if you’re sharing your relationship with the entire internet. That includes family, friends, coworkers and even for others 100,000 followers. So tips If you are a couple who is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter..etc.

Tip 1: Set some form of boundaries on social media.  Tell each other what you’re okay with and not okay with and go from there.

2. Try not pick arguments based on posts. I get it, who actually wants to see others commenting flirtatiously under their significant others pictures, but guess what? it happens. Try not to spend your time arguing about the comments and more time appreciating your partner.

3. Don’t ever bicker with each other on social media no one should know when your home is not happy.

4. Always Be your partner’s fan, the #1 cheerleader & support system. It’s all about that foundation you two have created. Respect, communication, and understanding are fundamentals in relationships. You just have to find a common ground.


Internet Hollywood: Words couldn’t describe how amazing you look dressed up in your pictures on Instagram. It looks like you are really into strutting your beautiful body with poses when you take selfies. Is this a sign that you will be taking on independent modeling in the future?


Dash: Good to know you like my most recent posts. I got to share my love for “InstaArt” with My “Aint No Angel” project on for The season of love, it was inspired by a song I heard on sound cloud actually Mood Swings by Cash Rari ft Vanni Pabon. I’ve received so many compliments an I unintentionally inspired a few people who followed in with the InstaArt and paid homage to me. I love inspiring others I love that something as simple as a photo can make people want to put themselves to work. I do plan on continuing modeling and working with different looks & styles of shooting this year.


Internet Hollywood: Ever since we first met, you never put on a stunt like your somebody else and always remained who you are, no matter who liked it or not. Were you always that kind of person or did you naturally grow into being the person you are?


Dash: I was more private in my teen years but I always stood out everywhere I went.  I’m very Opinionated. I always felt like my thought process was a lot different than my peers. I always introduced myself as a positive an uplifting spirit so most people just vibed with me.  Throughout the years I’ve bloomed into a more outspoken woman. A blessing and a curse. I always knew that not everyone was going to like what I say initially… but I usually I win those people over. That’s kind of where my following came from just very controversial posts and just posting things that everyone else was thinking…but didn’t want to speak on.


Internet Hollywood: You also have very good ears for music. You are someone I’m hoping will help me prepare a list of good songs for our next party. Who are some of your favorite artists to listen to now?


Dash: My favorite artist currently is Sabrina Claudio & Sza. I can’t say those are artist you’d hear at a party. if I’m in a party kinda setting I like a little bit of everything, I’m very versatile. My go-to party songs right now would bdLemon by N.E.R.D & Rihanna, Mad Love Sean Paul ft David Guetta, Finesse by Bruno Mars ft Cardi B, New Rules by Dua Lipa & Probably the whole Migos album because they did amazing with Culture 2 (BBO, Stirfry, Walk it Talk it etc)


Internet Hollywood: Is there any style of modeling (photoshoot-wise) that you would love to do when you start taking modeling more?


Dash: Throughout the years I’ve been introduced and considered multiple styles of modeling. such as plus size modeling, parts modeling, runway, promotional, & glamour modeling as well. Right now I am pretty open to any style of modeling and I definitely don’t really want to settle on one style. I think if I did have to chose one it would be runway because I like a challenge and I would like to work on that craft.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; What is the biggest lesson you learned in 2017 and what is your main focus now that you’re in the year 2018?


Dash: I learned a lot in 2017, my greatest lesson I think was learning that self-love is the best love & no one can love you like you can. Ever year Since 2014 I’ve carried a quote from myself into the new year 2018 was.  “Do not let others determine when its time to celebrate yourself; be willing to stop the clock to create your own happiness”  I try to carry these throughout my year guide me throughout situations. Now that I’m in 2018 my focus is continuing to create my own happiness.  I’ll continue to seek growth, work diligently and pray for self-peace.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Dash! I look forward to speaking with you a lot more in the future!



~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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