David Carlson of Steampunk discusses his Xmas plans, favorite Xmas movies, Xmas songs, gifts, and more!

Topic of the Month (Christmas) – Another holiday is upon us and so many people have been sharing their stories and plans with us for our hot topic discussion of the month. I caught up with Steampunk’s own David Carlson to find out what his plans are, his taste in Xmas movies, Xmas songs, and past Christmas experiences. Enjoy the interview!

~*~*Christmas /w David Carlson*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Good morning David!! Thank you for giving me the green light to send some questions I have written for you about Christmas. I have interviewed many people so far and it has been a fun experience learning about their plans for the holiday. Where will you be spending Christmas this year? Did you start shopping yet?


David: I will be spending Christmas with my family. Christmas is being hosted by my sister in law. My wife and I are bringing a Canadian meat oue and a chocolate cake. I’m going to start shopping on 12/22, and it’ll all be gift cards shhhhhhh!


Internet Hollywood: As children, we have so exciting thoughts and emotions about Christmas since we on the receiving end. Do you feel something has changed about how you feel and think about Christmas now that your adult now?


David: I had three memorable Christmas’ growing up, all involve the purchases of action figures. I felt so wonderfully blessed having received them and I remembered feeling sense gratitude and specialness whenever I played with them. And so that feeling motivated my purchases for my son Silas when he was little. I would actually start buying stuff in August so by the end, he’d have quite the haul. I still recall the Christmas I gave him a gigantic Yu-Gi-Oh card collection and he gave me such a hug. I fondly think of that Christmas as the “One with the hug”. I trusted in the heart of the cards. Later years, I collected all sorts of swords and armed him with an arsenal. Personally, I don’t really ask for anything because I’m pretty self indulgent throughout the year. My wife did purchase a mug that reads There Are Four Lights, it’s a quote from Star Trek the Next Generation.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite things to traditionally do around this time of year and what are some of your favorite Xmas movies to watch and songs to listen to?


David: We don’t really decorate, especially this year for some reason. We haven’t done a tree in well over a decade. That tradition ended maybe because I wanted to use a decapitated head of a Storm X-Men action figure as a decoration. There is still some debate over that. But most importantly, we remember that Jesus is the reason for the season and we decorate our hearts and mind with that sentiment. I love caroling, I was recently involved in a huge caroling group, over 100 singers of merriment. My favorite Christmas movies are Jingle All the Way, Fred Claus and Elf. I’m currently listening to William Shatner’s Christmas cd.


Internet Hollywood: What would you say is your most memorable Christmas and the coolest gift you’ve got as a child?


David: Those would be the three Christmas’ when I was given a vast collection of GI Joe’s, Empire Strikes Back and Adventure People action figures.


Internet Hollywood: Looking back at everything that happened this year, would you say your happy about how things played out or no?


David: This year gave me a lot to think about career-wise, I’m joyful of the new friends I made this year and of the old ones I kept, it’s been a year of reimagined purpose with my life and improved fitness.

Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, David!

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