David Carlson says he’s dressing up as The Daviator for Halloween, reveals his favorite horror movies, haunted experiences, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – David Carlson of Manchester, CT just gave me the inside scoop on his plans for Halloween and past haunted experiences. I recently got in touch with David through messenger and asked if he would like to chime in our topic of the week (Halloween). After receiving the green light for the interview, I sent David a couple of our hot topic questions and he gladly gave me the inside scoop in his answers. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*~Interview /w David Carlson*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hello David! Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me. Halloween has been a very popular topic that has to lead me to many interviews with people that didn’t mind sharing their plans for me. Have you started planning for Halloween yet? And will you be wearing your own costume?


David: Hello Prince, it is quite the honor.  I have a few plans but I think I’m leaning towards getting dressed up as The Daviator and going to the Artisanal Burger Company for karaoke with Stephanie Rivkin. The Daviator is an aviation-themed character, and I’ve combined it with my name – The Daviator!


Internet Hollywood: Halloween is definitely the season for horror movies and I have been asking others about their favorites growing up. What are some of your favorite horror movies to watch and what movie and characters horrified you the most?


David: I’m not really a fan of the horror genre. I like to be scared by things that could actually happen, or if it happens inside the protagonist’s mind like they had a break from reality or hallucinations. I love the Blair Witch Project, you never really see anything so it could be ghosts or the Blair Witch, or it could just be hill people. I especially loved the ending. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is Halloween to me. I played Frank for 2 years back in the early 90s when it ran at the former US Cinemas (now the Parkade Cinemas) in Manchester.


Internet Hollywood: I think you’re brilliant minded at organizing successful events. I know if you were to ever throw a Halloween party it would be one to remember. Have you ever thought about doing a Halloween party before? And if so, what would the party be like?


David: Thank you! That’s very kind. I’m planning a most ambitious endeavor for 2019, I’m calling it 12 Months of Steampunk, where each month will have a unique and potentially annual event. And in oct 2019, I shall have an event called Creepy Cabaret. I’m working with Amy Lake from the Boston Sprockettes on that one. I’m also doing a murder mystery dinner thing with Eli August and Vince Wilson, that’ll be called Music Murder Mystery at the Mansion.


Internet Hollywood: This question is a very popular Halloween one on Internet Hollywood right now; have you ever been through a haunted experience or witnessed something you would consider out of the ordinary from your everyday life?


David: Kinda. This Haitian woman came to my door to talk about donating to this or that cause. She was beautiful but kinda creepy, she had these blue silvery eyes. And somehow the conversation turned to angels being among us. And i swear, out of the corner of my eye, I saw wings flutter behind her. it was really scary so I asked her to leave. Was she an angel? a devil? Or did she try to hypnotize me to defraud me or steal my kidneys? We will never know.


Internet Hollywood: last question; what are some of your favorite Halloween treats to eat and is there a certain kind of dish you like preparing around this time of year?


David:  I like peanut butter cups, Snickers, tootsie rolls. Ice cream. I love chocolate. I usually bake cakes. I make this pickle and beet cake.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, David! Enjoy your Halloween!


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