David West of Born Imagery discuss new photo shoot with Takijah King in Newbury, MA “She was terrific.”

Photo Shoot – David West of Born Imagery gave us the inside scoop on one of his latest photo shoots with a Massachusetts model Takijah King. The photographer collaborated with the 21-year-old model at Sandy Point Beach in Plum Island in Newbury, MA. West sent me three photos from the 2-hour shoot over the weekend and even opened up to a few questions I had for him about it. He gave me his thoughts on working with King and told me what lead to the idea of doing the beach shoot.

“Takijah was terrific. She models often and it shows in her ability to hit a pose and make it natural. This is my 2nd shoot with her.”

he continued:

“I enjoyed working with Takijah on the Glitter Project this past winter and when I started to think of different models I would like to work with again on a beach shoot she immediately came to mind.”

It turns out Takijah King wasn’t the only model involved in this photo shoot. It turns out she came with another model name Teesha who also collaborated with David West on the same day. I then became curious about the process in carrying out a photo shoot with two models, so I ask how did he pull it off. Capturing great shots like this could be a little hard than it looks.

“First of all we had ti find a day where the tide was either low or outgoing at sunrise. Once on location we have to move swiftly as our window of time is limited especially with sunrise shoots. I typically try to get the model(s) to take advantage of the rising sun for the first batch of images. If there are multiple models I often have them together as the sun rises and then as it rises above the horizon we immediately split up and fire off individual sets. One model will be posing while the other is changing looks (or posting pics on social media). I try to alternate evenly so they all get equal amount of camera time. Every once in a while I will see something that moves me and will ask the model to move there, hold this or do that. It is all in the moment when I shoot and I try not to go into the shoot with a specific shot list. Not unless it’s for a specific client who needs certain shots. The bottom line is to just make the models feel great and to give them equal camera time. I also try to make the sets shorter so the other model doesn’t have to wait around too long.”

Born Imagery’s great work has earned him nine publications in Internet Hollywood in this year alone. That number is expected to increase through the summer. This story is Teesha’s first publication in Internet Hollywood.

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