Daylyt Discusses Rapper Illnigma Lyrically Crushing Song ‘F**k The System’ with Mr2theP

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Prince Vega – One of Connecticut’s most lyrical artists is getting well deserved attention for his song submission to Daylyt that has him and Mr2theP ranking him in their the top 3. We aren’t aware of the details following the video released by the rapper, but we assume this may have been apart of a contest of some sort. You can check the video out below:


Illnigma’s lyrical abilities has captured the attention of dozens of independent musicians including Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega who also said previously that he was a fan of Illnigma’s after the artist did a remake of one of Vega’s favorite shows the Game Of Thrones.

“The timing of the song was so perfect,” Prince Vega said. “He lyrically destroyed the song to the point it kinda annoyed me. I’ve been a fan of iLLnigma’s ever since he released that song. It kinda made me wish I wrote that. I probably would’ve never did it as good he did.”

Illnigma has made front page news on Internet Hollywood three times ~ including twice with his rap group Swoop Nation who collabed with Daylyt for a song called ‘F**k is Up’ in November of last year.


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