Designer Samantha Gottlich’s power moves at the IH Fashion Show got her selected to be in the IH Magazine in July!

IH News / Magazine (Updated) – People are beginning to learn more things as the process in developing the Internet Hollywood magazine begins to piece together the stories of a bunch of talented people who created some form of progress in their careers by doing things we noted down in previous stories. It has been announced that Fashion Designer Samantha Gottlich will also be featured in the magazine and the reason is now in the light for all eyes to see. “Samantha Gottlich’s idea changed the entire direction of the IH Fashion Show,” IH Vega said. “Instead of going with a certain theme she suggested everyone go with their own styles and present some of their best pieces from recent collections. It made so much sense to the idea of giving the talent the freedom to express their creativity.” The Hip Hop artist also shed light on the different kind of vibe Samantha brought to the show. “Everybody at the event had their own kind of vibe and style that united as a collection to express their skill in support of Samantha’s design and it was easy to fit in with Samantha’s designs because it’s very colorful and each design she had expressed a certain amount of colors, so if you didn’t like one you would eventually like another one. She made her designs for everyone. All the designers were incredible that night and each of them equally brought powerful creative energy to the table and got good reactions from the audience and the photographers.” The magazine is now set to be released in late July and it will be Samantha Gottlich’s first time being featured.



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated




Samantha Gottlich: Instagram –  Website – Facebook 

Photographer: Al Cabrera

Styled by Yomo Perez (Styled By Yomo)

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