Devi Doll discusses the IH Fashion Show: “I am looking forward to meeting many different faces from many walks of life.”

(IH Live Access) – Connecticut model Devi Doll went deep in a recent interview we did over one of our social media platforms. I got in touch with the model to discuss her upcoming walk at the Internet Hollywood Fashion show that will be taken place in Natick, Massachusetts at the Natick Elks Lodge. She went into great detail to discuss her journey to this very moment and explained how she hopes this show helps things improve in her life. Check out the short interview!


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Internet Hollywood: The countdown is on before history is made and Internet Hollywood’s first ever fashion show kicks off at the Natick Elks Nodge in Natick, Massachusetts. I have been doing countless interviews with people involved to get the inside scoop on how are they feeling now that the day is approaching. You will also be one of the models that will be in the fashion show as well. What are some of the things that are going through your mind and are you nervous that the show is closer than ever?


Devi: There have been many changes in my life, both good and bad. The disruptions have caused clarity to be thrown to the wayside, and I’ve been comparing this drastic time of change to that of a hazing sandstorm. This brings a bit of uncertainty as to where I will land when the calm returns. In the core of this storm is Internet Hollywood’s fashion show – like a well craved oasis. As the event approaches like the eye of this windstorm, I begin to feel the radiance of a positive change. I have taken this opportunity to focus and improve on the things that I can control. I have strengthened my body and mind, and I feel the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show will be the exhibition of these efforts.


Internet Hollywood: You have been one of the most chill and supportive people that I have known since I first met you at our last party in April. You are also a familiar name to a few of the people that will be attending as well. Who are you looking forward to hanging out with at the event?


Devi: I am looking forward to meeting many different faces from many walks of life. I’ll never know where a conversation will lead, so I like to stay positive and expand my connections. I can say with confidence that I am super excited and honored to be chosen to work with Keturah from Eccentric Chic Designs. I find her clothing to be super trendy and in style, and I can not wait to see what my catwalk will bring to her talent. And of course, shout out to my sisters Lena Vega and Hannah Kjeldsen, who will also be bringing their fierce catwalks to the show.


Internet Hollywood: How did you feel when you got selected by Keturah to walk for Eccentric Chic Designs and did you ever think you would be chosen?


Devi: I’m having difficulty expressing the emotion I felt when I was chosen! I felt very appreciative to be given such a unique opportunity. I am not one to take anything for granted, and I count my blessings often. Hearing that I was chosen to walk for Eccentric Chic Designs was more than I could ever ask for, and I am so grateful. All my life I’ve wanted to be involved in the fashion scene, and after meeting her in person, I knew I wanted to work with her. She is a remarkable person and emits such a golden aura, I feel honored to help display her talent for the world to see!


Internet Hollywood: I asked another model this question and I thought it would be interesting to get your thoughts as well; if you were organizing this event what kind of things would you focus on to make this event something to remember?


Devi: The most memorable events are those that I share with friends. I find that if communication remains fluid throughout the event, it can help to alleviate any negative feelings and prevents things from falling out of alignment. I would like to tell everyone to leave their bad karma at home, and not bring any stress of life to this event. Kindness is inspiring, and a smile is always in fashion.


Internet Hollywood: When this show finally approaches and you take on the cameras during your walk how do you want to be remembered when it’s all done and what kind of message you want to send to the people that sees the pictures from the event the following week?


Devi: I would like to be remembered for my energy. Many care not to know my name, my face, or the sound of my voice – but I would like to be known for the radiance that shines through my integrity, so that I may share the strength of my happiness.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Devi! I look forward to meeting you again!


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