Devi Doll reps hard for Eccentric Chic Designs during her walk at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show

IH Fashion Show – Independent Connecticut model Devi Doll was looking fabulous during her walk in the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show and R.J. Prevelige was there to capture it all on camera. I recently got a whole bunch of photos from the show when R.J. shared a link with me over messenger that directed me to all of his work from that evening. There were so many good photos in the gallery that I didn’t know where to start to begin.


After choosing the photos I decided to begin my journey to write brand new stories following the event and his gallery truly helped me out. This photo shows the beautiful Devi Doll showing off some of Eccentric Chic Designs for the cameras that were facing her. There is also another photo that shows her walking across the floor in some beautiful black heels during the fashion show. She was definitely in good spirits and carried that energy of confidence with her to the very end.


Her beautiful makeup was done by C’Michelle who also shared “before and after” photos of Devi Doll with and without her makeup on and her hairstylist was Emdira. Emdira recently posted a video on her page that shows models Devi Doll and Nikki Doll Face showing off their beautiful hairstyles. Since the party, Devi Doll has been published three times and the number of stories will continue to increase as we get deeper in the month. Congratulations on Devi Doll for pulling off this magnificent walk and special thanks to R.J. Prevelige Photography for taking these spectacular photos!


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~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

~*~*Links & Credits*~*~

Devi Doll (Lestata): Play Now – Facebook – YouTube

~*~*Makeup Artists**~

Carla M A Earlington (Eccentric Chic Designs): Instagram

~*~*Fashion Designers*~*~

Eccentric Chic Designs: Instagram



Emdira: Instagram


R.J. Prevelige: Facebook –  Instagram

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